What I’ve Learnt From Working

Danni Clearance
Sep 17, 2016 · 4 min read

Business is not separate from your life. Be it your corporate job, your start-up, your side job. Business is you, work is everything you do with your life and there is no separating them. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you think of is “I’ve got to get to work” — and that is life.

Many people I’ve met across my years of random conversation and undying curiosity are faced with tasks they don’t want to do, comments they shouldn’t be saying and achievements they regard as ‘not theirs’ even though they’ve worked for it — all due to a supposed “higher positioned man”. Every day they are distracted with the cliche statements of “corporate slavery” and “desk job is a killer” with disregard to what the statements actually mean. Believe me you, if they were to dissect their true understandings, they will find no such thing as slavery and a lack of contentment.

Along my journey of developing, creating, and attaining achievements from education to start-ups to corporate jobs I have found that the only thing I seem to be focused on is bettering my approach, altering my perception and making sure my probability of chances are always high.

  1. You make your job, you don’t find it.
    I’ve heard endlessly that “you will never find the job you truly want” or “you’ll never get your dream job from day one”. Lies. It’s all lies. You can have multiple dream jobs, you can find a way to make whatever job requirements are asked of you to be growth mediums. Your job is what you make of it, the initiatives you create and the gaps you fill. We’re all keen on changing the world.
  2. It is greatly about how much you believe in your dream.
    If you’re not kicking at your sheets at night eager for the sun to come up already because you need to meet someone because that someone is going to influence your concept — then you’re doing something wrong. There were days I would be in my car, alone, and I could sense this gush of anxiety and excitement simultaneously because my concept seemed brilliant, I wanted to do it…now. I breathed it, I dreamed it, I spoke it, and I didn’t give a damn if no one listened.
  3. So you might think I’m ignorant, but you can make anyone buy anything.
    From the likes of Steve Jobs and Henry Ford, their product development and selling strategy. When Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses,” he was definitely on the road of defying the norm and what Adam Grant defines “Creative Destruction” as in his book Originals. You’ve got a dream, stop being confined by the walls of conformity.
  4. You’re going to be criticized, continuously.
    …but you’re going to have to listen carefully because somewhere in between the bullshit people think they have the right to say, there might be logic. Yes, the people I dislike the most have given me the best advice because they didn’t hold back on their criticism as my friends and family would have. I got it, full fledged and uncomfortably.
  5. Your mind is going to change, a million times.
    You will find that your vision after starting has slowly changed from one concept to something almost at the polar opposite. Do not resist the change of thought and do not resist the diversity. You have attained so much knowledge over the course of time since initiation and it is being reflected on your growing thoughts through the change of vision that you’re having. It surely does not mean that you are defying your beliefs, it just means you are refining your goals and objectives.
  6. You are going to doubt yourself
    Lest you forget that you have it in you to do everything you set your mind to. Never forgetting we have the most powerful innate abilities to create and become whoever we please to be with directing our thoughts in the right way, day in and day out. Doubt yourself, it is growth; but do not lose focus.
  7. If you fail once, you will fail again and succeed twice.
    If you fail once, you will fail again and succeed twice because you have now gained an understanding x2 of what you shouldn’t do, and a shitload of ways you should do something. “Failure is success” they say because we build a platform that is formed with the combination of determination and resilience. Indestructible.
  8. Your life is not one job, not one start-up and not one achievement.
    We grow and as we grow we develop new desires and wants. Today I might want to be a saleswoman, next year this time I might want to be a fashion concept developer. I can be whatever I want to be, with the right education and drive for knowledge I can refine my skills to become what I deem worthy to fill a certain job requirement. The world is your oyster. Long gone is the theory of the 20th century where we study, get a job and die.

“You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
- Buckminster Fuller, American Futurist

Danni Clearance

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An illusion of thought, conspiracy and desire.

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