… And increasing the level of Marketplace participation at the same time.

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EDITORIAL NOTE: This post is by Maverick Chow, a long standing member of the Streamr community and follows on from a robust discussion on Telegram on 24 Jan.

TL;DR: Convert DATA tokens into a security token. Trade data with ETH instead.

Most new ventures don’t tend to survive past the first year. So it’s to its great credit that Streamr is one of the few companies in the crypto space that has proven itself to be a very legitimate venture worthy of reaching greater heights.

But, and I write this with affection and as a fairly long standing member of the community, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. I’d like to make a suggestion for the Streamr community to consider that I think will enhance the value of DATA, as well as increase the level of participation on the Marketplace. …

You just entered a casino and you want to be rich through gambling.

Let’s make an all-or-nothing gamble, to save time in reaching an outcome.

Let’s sell everything (house, car, etc) you have and put your stake on the table.

Let’s say the odds is a perfect 50:50, with zero house edge and zero tax.

If you win, you will have 2x of what you had before.

If you lose, you will lose all that you have and you enter total poverty.

Should you take the gamble?

The answer is NO.


Here is my thought process for your consideration.

If a person has high income-generating capability, losing 100% of everything in an all-or-nothing gamble will be recoverable. …

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If you spot any imperfection, mistake, missing information, etc, or you have a better idea or suggestion for improvement, then leave a comment below so I can take note.

Maverick Chow

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