The Good, The Bad and The Ugly — Food & Drinks to get a Power Voice

From the desk of Richard La Faber, Voice Talent & Coach

Being a voice talent for so many decades, I have friends asking me what are the food and drinks that are good, or bad, for the voice. I decided to share some here with you today.


Water — Guess what? Mom is right. But what you may not know is you have to drink lots of water 3 to 6 hours before you use your voice, not when you need it. Due to the weather’s humidity in Malaysia, 16 tall glass of water is recommended daily.

Tomatoes — A great way to lubricate your throat, keeping the amount of phlegm in check.

Green Apples — Not so much to keep doctors away, green apples are great to keep your vocal chords well lubricated and ready to impress.


Soft drink — Gassiness aside, most soft drinks are also sweet, and sugar is bad for your voice.

Citrus — Makes you slightly nauseous, and combined with nervousness and stage fright, some people will open their mouth and have their voice betray them!

Dairy — One key factor that causes phlegm in your throat, many people are also mildly lactose intolerant, making it a no-no before a big speech or presentation.


Chillies — Chilly seeds are notorious if got stuck in the throat, causing inflammation and extreme irritation.

Smoke — Causes your mouth to be dry, reducing the richness in your voice.

Chocolate — Worse than the common dairy products mentioned above, chocolates ‘tighten’ up your throat and can cause an excessive amount of phlegm too.

If you would like to learn more about harnessing your power voice, such as:

  • Increase your volume and projection
  • Enhance the clarity in your speech
  • Reduce or even eliminate mumbling
  • Get a good pitch and to not sound ‘nasally’
  • Influence and communicate better
  • and more!

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