Homo sapiens | the death of captivity within the “tribe” … for 100 years our species will be free.

You can’t explain it. You feel that you didn’t lived past reincarnations (to compare) … however something changed and you feel it. We are hardwired to live in tribes. Like ants live in a colony … wolfs in a wolf pack. And cats … :) they are at their own.

Sure … every generation can say that: “now is the time” …”we are free now”. And we can do whatever we want etc However homo sapiens as a race made the biggest shift in human history. And it happened now.

Everybody feels it. It’s in the air. You can’t explain it. You feel that you didn’t lived past reincarnations (to compare) … however something changed and you feel it. New age people say it’s some higher resolution and perspective … some speak about indigo children and others make 1000 other approaches but one is for sure. Something is not ok … and most of us feel it down to a “genetic” level. We are “young” … however we feel it wasn’t like that.

The tribe that we are hardwired to live in never changed. Since we are on this Earth … is the same. The branding was different … towns, cities, military, stock exchange, banks, countries, ships, trains, planes emerged … you name it …. however the essence of it never changed. Going to America, traveling it was the same thing. The only difference was: we could change tribes more easily. And obviously: the tribe got way bigger.

Now it’s totally different. The tribe is dead. It vanished. That’s what we feel. Guys are hardwired to fear to approach the hottest chick because the leader will come and throw a rock on them… The ladies are afraid to make random sex and last second they might change their mind … because they want the best genes for their child. We want to eat as much sugar as we can to survive hunger.

Now it all changed. Just think about sitting near the fire within the tribe… You feel you have some superpowers and everything slows down. You can do whatever you want. Like Neo in the Matrix. You might walk within the dark jungle alone … you might walk with the beast in the shadows. You might go to different tribes calmly. You don’t feel fear anymore. Just stay with me for a second.

It’s like the life of ants. It’s like every little worker would start to date a personal queen. Tens if not hundreds of queens out of nowhere follows them like a little puppy. It would be freakin strange . It’s wouldn’t be normal. You don’t know why but it’s not normal. Exactly that’s happening with us right now. That’s what we feel.

The colony …the tribe is literally dead. They are hundreds of “tribes” related to food, yoga, funny quotes, dog training, million job opportunities.It’s overwhelming. It overwhelms our brain. We can switch so easily they are so many. Plus add some ADD beside. Our attention span is like zero.

We want the new shiny thing and new post in milliseconds. We can’t grip to just one or 2 tribes. We want all of them so we don’t take part of any. Or we can change it in a split of a second. We see you youbers, social influencers rise from literally nothing daily. It’s the biggest brainwash we ever had as species.

1 million followers of a 17 year old speaking about makeup ? What’s that if not the biggest shift we ever seen in humankind. Jenna Marbles is leading the teens? We see songwriters, performers raise billon views in months. We see how Elon Musk crushes, Nasa, Dubai, whole states and billion dollar car companies.

It’s not normal. We see tens and tens and hundreds and hundreds of people crushing it big time out of nowhere. Startups are raising awareness about things that we want to take part.. Anonymous grabs the Vatican by its tail. People pay with bitcoins. Edward Snowden is one of a kind. Piratebay indeed. We see David pick a figh not with Goliath. We see David’s killing thousands of goliaths at once …with ease. And uses a free snapchat application for that. Or God knows what.

We as inviduals can master our craft and share it in our own tribe or tribes on tens if not hundreds of tribes. So the meaning and essence of the tribe dissolves. The main purpose of it to survive downgraded to a tool to achieve freedom to gather and share powers. Medium, snapchat you name it. We can become a role model an “icon” overnight. We couldn’t do that a few years back. We had just websites.

That means : we had to have the time, the money or the skills to really nail it ….so basically we already where somehow a tribal leader if it makes sense.

Just having the resources and visionary mindset to go there was like already qualifying ourselves to be there. This article might have been written by Ogilvy & Mather or a 16 year old dirt poor child from Kenya. The cost is the same. Nothing. It’s for free.

And don’t stay at the surface level it’s not just about technology. Look it way deeper. You can start from scratch and you can take down monsters in your own niche. Just look at Seth Godin. He is the best example. He writes a few lines per day and he gets all of the attention. And he started that way. A few lines a day. And we feel it to our bones that something changed and that’s it. We are more free. More free than ever. It’s strange. It’s not normal. And it’s so empowering to feel it around us. Surrounding us.

We can chose to do whatever we want. We can move …we can pick a fight within “monsters” and if we did our homework we might even win. With ease. We can build a tribe and army with millions whenever we want. It’s just a click away. And we know that. We see that happening beside us. Like ants having their own queens following them. It’s not normal … that’s normal. It’s a shift in evolution. Changes will be so strong and so strong that we can’t even imagine. The smartest will be change itself.

I fear the following. Folks like me …. and others are after this zero energy and free food stuff. We will win easily. McDonald’s and animal slaughtering will fade quickly. Check Chipotle for example. That race is already won. And that’s my biggest concern. I fear that. In roughly 100 years A1 quality organic food will be available for “free”. Meanwhile our jobs … (most of it) will be replaced by software and robotics. Probably the myriad will be paid with the same or similar wages … and they will have nothing to do all day. I’m not so smart to figure it out. I’m not sure that will be a good idea. I have this film : “Equilibrium” in my mind. What’s your opinion?

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