Choosing to take the road less travelled.

  • You’re not popular.
  • Even your friend’s kind of want you to fail.
  • It’s lonely.
  • People question whether you’re on the right road
  • You consistently get asked, why can’t you be like everyone else, by your parents and other loved ones.
  • Your goals and aspirations seem too big for the world to see you attaining them.
  • In your heart, you know the other road is easier.
  • Success on this road is harder to attain, because the metrics for measurement are different.
  • Scary for you and others.
  • People tolerate rather than like you.
  • Sometimes you inadvertently make others feel inadequate.
  • You feel like you belong in a different room, a room to which you haven’t found the key.
  • I learnt that the richest people are the ones who are true to themselves.
  • When you’re taking the more arduous route you become stronger.
  • Your heart makes decisions your head would never have let you make.
  • The only person I really have to answer is me.
  • I take full responsibility for where my life is at.
  • It’s liberating and empowering.
  • It’s kind of the matrix red pill, blue pill choice.
  • I’m required to show up every day and make it count.
  • Internally you know you’re on the right road.
  • My life’s work has more value and meaning than any check could ever have.
  • Other people who are truly taking their road less travelled are supportive and confident of your abilities.
  • I could never go back to the ‘main’ road.
  • You learn tremendous amounts, the kind of stuff you can’t learn from books or blogs.
  • Being the better and best version of you becomes the goals.
  • To live life on your terms.
  • Most of all it inspires you to try to change the world




On a mission to help the [business] world understand the different thinkers.

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Billie Carn

Billie Carn

On a mission to help the [business] world understand the different thinkers.

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