Boost your snowboard skills online via the Maverix Academy

Its interesting as we look at the proliferation of online snowboard tutorials in recent years. You can understand the appeal of these videos. You can watch a short video, hit your local slope and bust out those new moves in no time. The only problem is the results don’t often match the anticipated outcome.

Its like watching a celebrity chef cook up an amazing 15 minute meal. We all think it will be super easy and then it takes us 40 minutes of faffing around and the result bears no reflection to the intending outcome.

However, I wonder what the result would be if we could chat to the chef and go through and few of the key elements of the meal or maybe work on a few skills prior to cooking so when it came to the final preparation we where on point.

This is where I feel snowboard coaching could go. A more collaborative approach to progression. Everybody is an individual with different inherent skills, body types, strengths, weaknesses etc. The ability of a top level snowboard coach is being in tune with those individual elements and working in unison to refine a person skills and amplify a their strengths and iron out the blocks to progression.

Yet, traditionally we’ve had to be on the same slope together. Thats very limiting. With modern technology and the proliferation of social media a lot of riders are creating content and posting their latest snowboard achievements online. Why not use all that tech and share those moves with a high level coach who can help unlock the next level of skills?

This is where the Maverix Academy comes in. The Academy is a a fully fledged online learning platform that enables sharing coaches experience and knowledge with a wider audience of enthusiastic snowboarders.

This is a departure in learning styles for many snowboarders. Sending a video file to a coach can seem a little weird, but once you’ve used the system it surprisingly easy and really valuable.

Rider view the ideal result before attempting their own version

You can be on the slope, get a mate to film a trick, and then send it instantly via your phone to your coach and he or she will post back with an edited file with slow motions replays, annotations and commentary that will provide a comprehensive stepping stone to progression.

There is even a FREE OPTION. Try before you buy is a great way to see if the system and the coaches are right for you. You can send over a video file and a coach will review it for free.

If you like what you see you can sign up for one of the more comprehensive programmes that will work on key snowboard piste and freestyle skills for a little as £29.

Why not investigate how the Maverix Academy could help you by signing up for FREE and submitting your first video for review.

James Streater is the head coach and owner of Maverix Snow Ltd, providing year round snowboard instruction, coaching and personal development. He is part of a select group of professionals who hold the worlds highest snowsport qualification ISTD.