Coach James slashing the mini pipe

Join our Summer Snowboard Camp and get a FREE SNOWBOARD

What about a FREE 2017/18 Snowboard?

When is comes to snowboarding the biggest expense aside from going on holiday is a snowboard. They generally start at £300 and rocket up to some silly figures for the specialist items. What about if you could come away and demo a series of next seasons boards. You could get a feel for the boards and decide which one worked for you. Once your holiday was done you could choose the board you liked and have it handmade for when you got back to the UK.

This year it will happen on our summer camps. We’ll be bringing along a series of DOUK snowboards to demo and once your holiday is complete we’ll take your order and arrange for a brand new board to be made and sent to you. If you’re looking at the retail cost of a DOUK board being between £300 and £385 you’ve pretty much halved the cost of you’re holiday. In addition for a small additional fee you can create your very own custom snowboard design and construction.

Ease of Travel — Don’t bring a board with you

It’s no lie that taking your board away can be a pain and expensive. Why bother? With us having a demo fleet of DOUK snowboards, you only need to bring your boots & bindings. We’ll provide the rest for you. No need to hang about in oversize luggage hoping that your bag arrives or get stressed carrying your board bag around.

Riders typically fly to Lyon airport. A bus from the upper deck takes you directly to Grenoble bus/train station. You can then jump on a bus directly to the resort. You can also fly into Geneva and hire a car, or maybe get the Eurostar directly to Grenoble. We’ve developed a travel guide that breaks down everything for you making it easy to get to the resort.

Afternoons are for everybody

Although riders come to Les Deux Alpes for the glacier, the afternoon activities make for an all round great experience. We have a set routine of activities to keep your afternoons jam packed with fun. These include beach volleyball, white water rafting, adventure park climbing, luge and devil karts. You have the option to chill by the pool, beachside lake or join us for something a bit more energetic that will make the summer unforgettable.

Local lakes provide extra opportunities for fun

This is a great option if you want to involve an other half or family member who may not be a snowboarder, but who wants a summer holiday and time to share the experience with you. We have the option of sharing a room at a small additional cost for someone who is not involved in the coaching. A great way to combine two holidays in one and reduce the summer holiday debate. You can also bolt on coaching only if you want total freedom while in the resort.

Devil Karts are awesome

The Resort and Coaching

You can expect the highest level of coaching in Les Deux Alpes from James Streater. Part of a select group of riders to hold the worlds highest snowboard qualification, ISTD. You’ll get a high level of personal attention and opportunity to progress. Considering the terrain thats available we’ll be focusing our attention in the snow park. Les Deux Alpes is among Europe’s largest ski resorts. The summer terrain spreads out on two glaciers — the Mont de Lans and the Girose. There are 17 lifts operating, including a speedy underground funicular (train).

Sian in the rookie park

Les Deux Alpes features one of the best and biggest freestyle snowboard fun parks in Europe! With beginner, intermediate and advanced areas, you’ll find kickers and spines of different sizes, all kinds of rails: s-rails, kink-rails, rainbow-rails, mailboxes; and of course two large half-pipes! You’ll get 6 days per week (Sunday to Friday), so you’ll have the maximum allowable time for us to help develop your skills. In addition to the coaching you’ll have a series of photos and videos taken during the week, providing you with a memory of your time in L2A.

James testing his skills on pro-line

There are 4 blue runs, 2 green, 2 red, all within a short gondola ride for the centre of town. The ski area is open from 7.15am — 1.00pm. We head up around 8.15am to avoid the rush and bag the best conditions. As expected, the weather is 90% crystal blue skies, with snow often topping up the piste due to the high altitude. With the extensive use of t-bars these sessions are not recommended for complete beginners.

James in the rookie park

Les Deux Alpes is also a paradise for mountain bikers. It offers more than 120 km of trails with amazing downhill features and a well equipped bike park.

Customer Testimonials

“I am new to snowboarding only passed my “slope ready” status 9 months previous but been practising regularly. James (Head Coach) was very patient and has helped my riding and freestyle come on, more importantly offered great advise and given me confidence and a way forward with progression. I didn’t know anyone prior to going to the course but soon made friends and not only did I learn new skills and build confidence but I had a great holiday too and make new friends. Plus had chance to try new snowboards (DOUK Handmade) and Union bindings, which was a great experience for a beginner. Will definitely go back next year.”

“I have been with Maverix for the last two summers. This is a holiday that involves boarding in the morning and the opportunities for activities in the afternoon. Honestly guys it will change your holiday plans forever. So what is great about hitting the summer snow park with Maverix? If you are new to the snow park or feel at home on the kickers, boxes and rails, the coach works with you and builds your ability, skill set and confidence to use on the park and take back home to the dome. Riding in a group where everybody has a great time, fun and encourages each others progress is just awesome! All I can say is do it and maybe I will see you there this summer. I have met amazing people through Maverix camps and made some cracking friends and boarding buddies. A summer camp in L2A will not disappoint but find out for yourself.”

“I did my first summer camp a couple of years ago which was my first step into Freestyle. With J’s coaching I found I was hitting good size kickers and boxes by the end of the week and my all round riding technique had improved. Since then I have done several camps both in the Summer and Winter and every time my Snowboarding improves immensely. In the summer, we have tried White Water Rafting, Devil Karts, Luge and a load of other stuff, mix all of that with the great people in the group and it makes for an epic holiday. I cannot wait for the next trip.”

James Streater is the head coach and owner of Maverix Snow Ltd, providing year round snowboard instruction, coaching and personal development. He is part of a select group of professionals who hold the worlds highest snowsport qualification ISTD. Follow him on Instagram @maverixsnow

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