Fear of writing biographies?

I, am not fond of writing bios.

I fear I write too detailed, or write too vaguely. Depending on the reader, this may or may not be to your liking. When knowing my audience, I can cater to your style so that we mix comfortably. But, alas, you are an anonymous audience, and I am another wordsmith.

So, dear reader, you have been warned. I am not fond of writing bios. Enjoy.

“My name is Mavey. It rhymes with gravy. Don’t forget, okay?” The secret is that everybody is bad with remembering names…particularly mine. I habitually make light of this.

Me? Born in San Jose, raised by San Francisco, China, New Zealand, Oakland, San Leandro, Salinas, and then expanded my horizons at Berkeley.


After dancing with Cal for a year, I departed with a curtsy and found my optimal learning environment with CS-in-3.

Bigger yay.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut because Jack & Annie from Magic Tree House flew to space.
Then, I wanted to become an author, because writers are magicians that take people to other worlds.
Then, a psychologist, because to understand others is to understand myself.
Then, a cognitive scientist, because sprinkling in STEM equates to employment.
Then, a computer scientist, because I can do all of the above without compromise.
To my absolute delight, Computer Science is my favorite.

Programming is poetry.
And I still want to go to the moon.

I unleash my inner wordsmith between the miserable hours of 2am and 6am. Come visit. https://medium.com/@mavey

happiness = technology + art;

cout << poetry;

while (isAlive)


. . . . isSincere = true;

. . . . isPlayful = true;


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