Review: podcast “The David Feldman Show”

★★★★ ☆

The “It’s Hillary’s fault” episode —Friday, October 13th, 2017

I didn’t review the two previous episodes, because one of them had Fred Stoller as a guest, and to me he is unfunny and unlistenable. He’s the human version of fingernails raking a chalkboard. The other episode had the brilliant Frank Conniff as a guest, and that episode was nearly perfect (as is this one), but because of a busy work week, I wasn’t able to post my review.

This past episode, however, was a pure delight. Not too long in its format (a mere 3h45 minutes!), and chock-a-block with great guests. The show starts off with someone whom I never had heard of, Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theater, and while the interview was charming, it wasn’t riveting.

Next up was a progressive candidate for the upcoming 2018 Congressional elections, Jenny Marshall (NC-5). She proved to be the kind of “everywoman” type of candidate whom we should be fielding across the country — not beholden to special interests, and from a middle class background. She didn’t come across as overly polished (she had quite a bit of nervous “you-know”s) but it made her come across as personable and authentic. I’m dubious of anything that is attributed with “authentic”, particular when it comes to politics, but her responses to Mr. Feldman’s questions were honest and thoughtful.

The show really got going with returning guest Howie Klein from his Down With Tyranny blog. Mr. Klein is always a great guest, equal parts Washington political gossip mogul, and maven of all things progressive politically. He delivered the goods, as usual, and it was through Mr. Klein that the congressional candidate was introduced to the host Mr. Feldman.

Next up, America’s sweetheart, Dave Sirus. Mr. Sirus always has strong opinions, and his sharp, sometimes confrontational dialogue with Mr. Feldman this episode was compelling. Once the conversation turned to Hillary Clinton being an enabler for the Harvey Weinsteins of the world (you’ll have to hear the full argument that Mr. Feldman makes, which is thought provoking and I hadn’t considered it before), the episode moved from average to a top-tier.

Finally, another repeat guest was Judah Grunstein from Paris’ World Politics Review. Mr. Grunstein is one of my favorite guests, not just because he is an American living in Paris like myself, but because he shares a nearly identical perspective and opinion on French politics and society as I do, which is refreshing because sometimes I feel as if I’m out of step with reality based on what I hear and read from others. His insight on the newly instituted French security law was not only measured, but full of the nuances that one typically won’t hear in other settings (I’m looking at you, “Majority Report”).

This episode started a bit slow, but the last 1 1/2 hours were some of the best conversations and insights that I’ve heard in recent memory.

The “David Feldman Show” podcast is available via iTunes for free, with new episodes every Tuesday and Friday at 3:00 a.m. EST.

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