Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On

Homework for Amy Trinh’s mini lesson

According to the survey by Horne and Ostberg, I am neither a night owl nor an early bird, something I was not surprised by. I was excited to start this survey for I was finally going to find out if I was more of a morning or night person. Since high school, I have had a hard time determining what type of person. I sometimes have an easy time getting up fairly early both with an alarm and without, however, I can also stay up really late, whether this be studying or going out with friends. It all depends on the day. Ever since high school, these results have fit my day to day schedule. I have woken up at around the same time for a long time now, even when I have the option of staying in, because my body has been so used to it. During the day, I feel like my most productive day time of day is between midday and early afternoon. I think this is because I am not as tired from the day before but the exhaustion from the current day has not yet caught up to me either.

My results for the survey by Horne & Ostberg
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