What Next? Food edition.

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Healing with nutrition has been an ongoing point of conversation for the last couple of years. Although I am not quite sure what this entails, I know that eating a healthy and balanced meal can reduce some of the illnesses that can occur throughout life, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, if it is not genetic. I think that healing with nutrition is good, however, I believe that it is very hard to do, which is why many do not appreciate it or benefit from it. Once you have a habit, of let us say, not eating “right”, then it becomes very hard to change your ways.

Anti-angiogenic is defined as a naturally occurring substance or compound that can interfere with blood vessels needed by tumors and cancers to grow. Anti-angiogenic foods are those that can interfere with the growth of tumors and cancers in an individual if consumed. In the Ted Talk, Can we eat to starve cancer?, Dr. William Li mentioned food items that have been shown to aid in the anti-angiogenic approach, some of which I enjoy eating. These include, strawberries, cherries, oranges, pineapple, and dark chocolate. I find it incredible how changing your diet can prevent such a harmful disease such as cancer, and that mother nature has given us foods that are naturally occurring inhibitors of angiogenesis.

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