Mavin — Is the New Blockchain Influencer Marketing Platform Scalable?

Mavin is the new reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem riding the waves of blockchain technology. Mavin is the first company implementing the use of blockchain in influencer marketing and creating an ecosystem where virtually every person who is a part of the system benefits. The most concerning question for those joining the platform and looking to invest in it is if the idea and Mavin platform per se are scalable in future. Here are the most important points that approve of the future scalability of Mavin and the whole concept.

It’s an Equal Opportunity Platform

The growth of any marketing platform that lets people monetize their content depends greatly on how the parties that are involved in the transaction benefit from it. Mavin has changed the conventions here. It allows micro-influencers, nano-influencers, marketers and even the people who don’t assume any of these roles an equal opportunity to make money. A platform where everyone’s happy is destined to grow.

Blockchain Is the Future

The fact that Mavin is based on blockchain technology and the use of MVN tokens makes it even more future-proof. The world fast realizes the importance of blockchain platforms, cryptocurrencies and the disadvantages of using traditional currency in the digital world. If you have not already known, central banks from all over the world are immensely interested in cryptocurrencies, and they are ready to adopt the future too.

Ethereum Is the Real Future

When you talk about blockchain technology, you can’t get away without mentioning ethereum, the blockchain protocol Mavin is based on. The MVN tokens that marketers and influencers will be using on the platform will be based on Ethereum blockchain. People are often under the impression that Ethereum is just a cryptocurrency like many others out there which is not true. Ethereum is an open source platform empowering developers to create their application based on blockchain technology, i.e., decentralized applications. Experts in the industry have nodded their heads in confirmation that Ethereum will be the future of blockchain.

Its Verification Process Is Ingenious

With other platforms, quality becomes an issue when more people join the platform and share content. It does not matter how advanced the machine learning has become today; it is still in its baby steps. On the other hand, Mavin’s implementation of human verifiers takes quality check and control to a whole new step. What this means is that this platform is already prepared for growth. The more people join the platform, the more human verifiers will be there. The more human verifiers are there, the easier it will become to spot and crush fake accounts and content. But this does not mean Mavin is not taking advantage of artificial intelligence. Its platform is an amalgamation of human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Rewards Are Instantaneous on Mavin

One important thing that stops many influencer marketing platforms from growth is the delaying of rewards. People make their hard efforts to create and share content for monetization, but their payments are so delayed that their interest never builds up when they start as influencers. On Mavin, rewards are instantaneous and without any minimum earning requirements. Lastly, tokenization of rewards and payments, and the use of blockchain make micro-payments cheaper and faster.

Give above are some of the strongest reasons not only supporting the scalability of Mavin but also proving how different this platform is from any traditional influencer marketing platforms. If Ethereum is the future of blockchain, Mavin is surely the future of blockchain based influencer marketing ecosystem.

Mavin is planning an ICO soon!

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