Why Nano Influencers are the Future of Influence Marketing

Nov 13, 2017 · 3 min read

Influence marketing is one of the most powerful methods to reach out to a global audience through people that are reputable, trustworthy and likeable in their respective markets. However, when brands have products and services to sell and they are looking for influencers, they want the most powerful ones. They have choice to choose from the following groups.

The Influencer Marketing Groups

  • Huge Celebrities

These are celebrities that are loved and followed by a global audience. Examples of such influencers are singers, movie actors and sports stars. Think of David Beckham, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Emma Watson etc. as examples of such personalities. In most cases, they have over millions of followers easily.

  • Middle Influencers

To keep it simple and more understandable, let’s combine macro and middle influencers in this group. These are averagely popular sports persons or bloggers with close to or over one hundred thousand followers. You could put a tennis star like James Blake in this category.

  • Nano Influencers

For the same reason as above, you can count nano and micro-influencers in this category. These are people who could have as little as one hundred and as many as ten thousand followers.

The Most Powerful Influencer Group

Nano influencers are considered the most powerful influencers because of their engagement rates. They might have a handful of followers, but they reach deep into their niche markets and have the “influence” that needed for influencer marketing. According to a Digiday survey, nano-influencers are often able to engage up to 8.7 percent of the audience they serve whereas the engagement percentage is only 1.7 for celebrities who have more than a million followers.

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Reasons Why Nano-influencers are the Most Powerful Influencers

Here are the main reasons why nano-influencers are the most powerful influencers and also the future of influencer marketing.

  • Nano-influencers serve niche markets. These are the markets that lack thought-leaders, so every word they say has weight and value for their audience.
  • They have a small number of fans, but most of these people are “super fans”. They are like loyal customers and don’t easily leave their ideals.
  • Nano-influencers are not “busy” people with packed schedules. They have time to communicate with their audience and respond to their queries.
  • The small size of the audience serves as a benefit for nano-influencers as every message they convey to their audience penetrates and reaches virtually everyone.
  • Nano-influencers are also the new attraction for brands because they are easy to access and much more affordable than their macro counterparts.

But Who’s Harnessing the Power of Nano-influencers?

First thing that needs clarification here is that platforms that take advantage of nano-influencers have to start doing it today. It is unfortunate that a huge number of influencer marketing platforms are still catering to the needs of macro-influencers and global celebrities. The only platform with a true focus on nano-influencers today is Mavin.

Mavin’s blockchain approach to influencer marketing combined with a focus on nano-influencers is the most lucrative and unique idea today. By offering nano-influencer focus, ad-block proof advertising, instant payouts, blockchain security and human influenced verification system, Mavin has left a lot for any upcoming influencer marketing platforms before they follow its footsteps.

Mavin is planning an ICO soon! https://mavin.network

Follow Mavin on these platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mavin.influencer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mavin_network

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mavin.network/

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