Finally, Micro and Nano-influencers Will Make Money Too — Mavin Brings Blockchain to Influencer Marketing

Great brands of the world have long been taking advantage of influencer marketing — a type of marketing where influential personalities are chosen for the promotion of products and services rather than brands marketing directly to their end consumers. However, influencer marketing was more like a deal among brands and people with “influence”. Famous personalities were always the ones chosen for this type of marketing since they had hundreds of thousands and millions of followers on social networking platforms. The ordinary people, on the other hand, with a few hundred followers, always felt left out from a creative way of making money.

Here comes Mavin with an idea that is going to revolutionize influencer marketing by bringing blockchain into the equation.

What Is Mavin

Mavin is an ecosystem that will allow influencer marketers to take advantage of blockchain technology as they make money from their promotional and marketing efforts. Mavin is a Swiss company with a mission to revolutionize the influencer marketing industry by introducing its micro-payment structure, which is based on blockchain technology. With Mavin, people will be able to promote products from brands from all around the world and make money for their efforts. They can promote these products and services using their favorite social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What Makes Mavin Different?

This is the most important question, and a detailed answer to this could be pages long. However, there are some major differences in how Mavin has approached the idea of influencer marketing and how the industry has been operating traditionally. Here are the major components that make Mavin different from the traditional platform offerings for influence marketers.

  • Micro and Nano-influencers Catered

Influencer marketing has always catered to the most famous and well-known personalities. However, Mavin comes up with the concept that using the micro and nano-influencers can be more productive not only for brands that want their products promoted, but the influencers as well. People with only a hundred or under one thousand followers will now be able to make money by sharing content and promoting brands.

  • The Blockchain Technology

All transactions on the platform will take place in the form of Mavin’s MVN tokens. This is the internal currency of the platform that will be used not only for compensating the influencers but during the verification process as well. With blockchain at its core, the platform will make possible micro-payments at nearly 10 times below the cost of micro-payments conducted using traditional methods and currencies.

  • Non-influencers Also Catered

This is what makes Mavin a platform for truly everyone. If you are someone who is not interested in promoting brands, you could help Mavin and promoters in a unique way i.e. by becoming a human verifier. Human verifiers will be participating in the quality assurance process to ensure the content shared is real and is coming from real accounts.

Who Will Benefit from Mavin?

The beauty of Mavin is that everyone and anyone can benefit from this platform. First of all, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a sports star to promote products and get paid for them when you are on the Mavin platform. Secondly, you don’t even have to be an influencer at all to make money because Mavin has introduced a unique job for you, namely “human verifiers”.

The best thing is that micro and nano-influencers will be able to get directly in touch with the biggest brands of the world for promoting their products and services. Brands will be making huge gains with this approach as according to Mavin, micro and nano-influencers have a small number of followers, but their engagement is quite high with those followers. With a high engagement ratio, the more influencers brands connect with the more benefits they will obtain.

Some of the big benefits of being associated with Mavin platform are as under:

  • You will be on a platform that has blockchain technology working at its core, making it much more secure and reliable.
  • Influencers will be able to get paid for their efforts on an instant basis thanks to the blockchain technology and MVN tokens.
  • With high engagement ratios of nano and micro-influencers, brands will be able to obtain much improved returns on their investments.
  • Fake accounts will be crushed as more and more real people join Mavin because the company will be using not only its AI technology, but real human verifiers to check the quality of shared content and trueness of users.
  • Influence marketers and brands will be part of platform that is destined to grow globally and is well-prepared for the incoming growth.

Mavin is definitely bringing a huge revolution to the influencer marketing industry and laying the foundation of future platforms that will benefit from blockchain technology and do away with traditional currencies and methods of payments. However, the crown of being the pioneers of such a platform will still go to Mavin.

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