Do the Opposite and Fight for Hope

If I thought that life is easy and that there is enough hope for the future, I wouldn’t fight, I just would live happily, but life is not too easy, and sometimes it seems that there is no hope, then the reason because I continue fighting is that I’m looking for that hidden hope. The only way I know to be fine mentally and emotionally is fighting against those things that hurt me, and never quit. I have a concept that I call “the opposite,” if somebody that you love didn’t treat you with respect, don’t do the same. First walk away, and second do the opposite, treat with great respect to others. If somebody lies to you, do the opposite, and always try to say the truth. In this context, the opposite means that when you receive something bad you make something good with that. We live in difficult times and people can easily loose hope, and that is the main reason to continue giving it. One realistic way to give hope is participating with a trustful organization, even you can build a new one. The second one is always speaking the truth, don’t try to impose your beliefs just because you think you’re right, we need to stay humble to listen carefully to others, and open minded to change our old and false beliefs. The third one I see is that we have to be kind with ourselves, we have to do the best for our mental and physical health, because we only have our body and our thoughts. Me? I don’t do this completely; actually I’m sad or mad many times and completely hopeless, and I behave irresponsibly too, but the thing here is to continue fighting.

Love you all.