Societal expectations vs you

Often times we feel obligated into morphing ourselves in certain way to fit into societal expectations. How we behave, how we talk, how we look like – all of which seem like an automated response to be like, just like the rest of the world.

Growing up we were told, you need to study hard and get good grades, make your way into the rat race and compete for a small pie. How much you earn determines how successful you are, how happy you are, is often relatively important but it’d probably the first thing you forego if you’re at a pinch.

Many people could ‘make it’ and be successful, more people will not. Whilst success and personal excellence is something I strive for – I can’t help but remain as a skeptic if being kind is possible while you crawl up the ladder.

I admire people who toil and pave their road to their own success. I have respect for people who remain kind and genuine regardless of hardships and obstacles thrown to them in life.

Don’t let the society fool you – money is crucial but don’t ever let it erase your identity and values. Don’t let others decide what makes you who you are and what truly inspire you. Be who you are, simply because you are who you are.


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