12 Web Design Trends To Be Followed By Entrepreneurs In 2017 — Mavrickhost — Reliable Hosting Partner

Mavrickhost — Reliable Hosting Partner

Innovation is the ultimate way to entrepreneur’s success to achieve the best position in market. Well it probably depends on what kind of innovation it is and how much demand it possess. Web Design is the best example amongst various inventions for entrepreneur and it plays an important role in their business success. Data is the main source of any website and so does its design. The first impression of your business website always depends on the its visible structure, UI and dashboard as well as web page’s design. Many entrepreneurs cannot not sense their loss issues caused by the representation of their website to the world and it arise due to possessing lack of knowledge about its development and design.

So here we are presenting you 12 brand new trends of web designs in 2017 for entrepreneurs.

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Let Content Shine With Layouts

It’s been amazing to watch the evolution and design has shifted from optimization stage to real competitive advantage by evolving in layouts. Since last couple of years we have seen marked transformation in how people see the design’s role in business. Content is the heart of website and its design work, it’s the meat on the bones of website. So it’s the ultimate goal for every web designer to design the relevant website with best innovative layouts like split screens, modular with single screen or grid based to present content efficiently. That’s the one reason to shift design concerns from skeuomorphic design to flatter structure. Its a beneficial trend in 2017 to shine the soul of website with various layouts i.e. “Content”.


Mostly till now it was a traditional trend that to construct a website for any business in a symmetric manner to show the professionalism and perfection but nowadays in 2017 this concept is bit outdated. Many designer are taking initiative in making the website design with asymmetric manner to overcome the domination of industry by rules of symmetry. They have developed asymmetric layouts so that the content would get merged in customized format. In this trend left and right sides are unequal. But still it capturing many entrepreneur’s eyes and mind to use this trend of web design in 2017.

Visual Content & Focus On Animation

End user now a days demanding for audiovisual content more than just plain text. Besides just videos, “cinemagraphs” are captivating the audience. Your visual content must be very clear at its purpose and having a good balance of valuable content with audiovisual animation are more effective, attentive and engaging but make sure that you do not overdo it.

Just like content, animation too plays an idol role in digital interfaces and there is no reason to think there will be dwindle in 2017. Animation is the core of attraction and to capture the sight of end user so it is always in demand that designers should get more and more tools to help them build smile sparking animations with more prominent and refined web structure. Animation’s aim is to tone the content creator, represent it meaningfully and on brand functions of user rather inspiring migraines.

Evergreen Minimalistic

Minimalistic approach is nothing but the visual art inclusion in website designing which refer best advantageous in entertaining business usually but it is now get used by designer with many technical concern to improvise the quality of website in the accordance of business. The sculpture designing technique we can consider for comparison to minimalistic design trend which was invented late 1950’s and its basic ideology was to make sophisticated statues just like that nowadays corporations redesigned their branding logos with minimalism among meticulous looks. Mobiles are world wide now and people usually use their smartphone to access websites hence the concern regarding logos are not just look good on the screen but they need to look simple on smartphones too.

Mobile Only Websites

2017 is the mobile only website. So it’s a great concern for every entrepreneur to look out for if they are having website based business. Long gone the time when websites were just desktop limited but in today’s era smartphone users are increasing so does its use for internet access. As an entrepreneur it’s your responsibility to look over your website if it’s mobile responsive and flexible, its design should look beautiful on mobile and have to be faction less browsing. It’s a new gold standard of web design and this brand new trend is grabbing every entrepreneur’s attention this year.


Flexbox is the whole new trend and treat for web designers this year. This is a new CSS layout module which comes with offer like incredible responsive and friendliness in its functionality and makes a lot of sense to visual designers used to manipulate object on the canvas with the align and distribute tools offered in the illustrator. Perk is that flexbox is flexible on every modern browser, while there is no reason not to dive in as long as your audience is not full of IE diehards.

All About Typography

Trends are not exceptional for typefaces. Designer are boldly using different kinds of typefaces. When it comes to web typography greater technologies take more courageous decisions which affects growth of diversity, entrepreneur should mark this statement. Following are few typefaces which are trending tremendously in market nowadays.

  • Geometric Typefaces
  • Serif Typefaces
  • Monospaced Typefaces

Skeleton Screen

Skeleton screen is the whole new concept and trend this year. It is about how page loads on the smartphones. This screens make sure to give the end user an ultimate seamless experience. No user want a delay in loading page and we all hate to wait for something so it’s a very catchy trend that create a better user experience and it also develops your brand identity as a technically strong brand. It allows user to anticipate loading experience.


There are many elements that only have decorative functions dedicated to beautiful web designs. Approaching the details is only the recent change decorative sections which is gradual departure from the minimalistic, raw form follow function. Rickety icons, Linear icons are slightly detached from the content they illustrate where “Flying-Geometric Figures” are kind of common. There are digital noises and glitches, where underscores and separators are getting shifted. Buttons are shifted to short, soft and shifted dashes and create spectacular hovers in Canvas.

Parallax Websites & Long Scrolling

The parallax scrolling effect facilitate joyful browsing experience along with magical feel when scrolling for more information. Sometimes it does not perform well in browsers. But still it captivating the attention of many web designers. We all love doing parallel work on mobiles and tablets such as reading emails or surfing the web, or searching some information, hanging on social media, using different application etc. these are the multitasking feature of smartphone. Parallax plays an important role in this phase of scrolling for everything different feature. It’s a one page layout and quite popular today. It provides 3D feel while scrolling the website on you personal device. It is also helpful to emphasizing certain aspects of your business website.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, everyone is getting mad over it these days. So this must be not the exception criteria to get trending in 2017. It’s a kind of alternate reality with inception-y. Even if it’s in trend and newly comer but it’s not fully authorized for browsing. Web designer still do not want to give up on this trend because once it will get emerged in website, it will surely gonna rock. So every entrepreneur must be very careful to take every update regarding VR in websites, as it is going to be the best deal for your website.

Conversation Bots

2017 is the year of bot. Bots are just a specific program that has been generated for your website with a fixed abstract form which reduces your workload. Here the most pervasive idea that conversation is an interface for this and is going get shaped a lot of 2017’s top design work. Impact of bot conversation includes- rise in capacity of writers and content strategies which will act as bots developers, great interest in human language and natural language form with attempting transform the comment from the internet’s sewer into fronts of engagements and new content which is already kicked off the coral project.


Web Design plays an important role in building your business brand all over the world and also help you to grow your business. Same as developing, designing of website is also important to impress your customers in the first sight of visit which caused without any other efforts but only your website’s design. So make sure that you spreading a great impression on your end user by implementing these 12 trends of web designs in 2017.

Originally published at mavrickhost.com on May 5, 2017.