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Mavrickhost — Reliable Hosting Partner

2017 is full of hope, since started till its mid period, there are many innovations and technological progress taking place in the current scenario around us. Marketing is one of the way to reach out the main business goal so it must be included in the gradual fate. There are various strategies are trending in the market for marketing affairs. But due to lack of knowledge many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to taste its fruit. So here are top 6 predictions to guide you to make an effective marketing plan this year.

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Social Media Marketing & Expert Blogging

This may be heard a lot of time since social media is getting familiar with everyone out there, social media marketing and blogging is not new to us this year. But it’s predicated by many experts that this the main source and useful guide for your marketing plan. If you know how to use these parameters to plan your marketing for your business brand then you can win the marketing battle easily. Expert blogging is the way to establish your authority across your niche by sharing it online and interacting on the social media channels that are famous with your target audience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the concept of marketing where key focus is the targeted individual rather the whole market area. Influencer marketing let the marketer to declare the specific communities where the scope of the respective product and service lies or inclined. So while applying this trend you must be known your business model with detail knowledge along with target audience to offer the service. Instead paying for tweets try to communicate with communities and connect with them to update them your services features. This predicted trend really impacting the marketing plans and marketing area in 2017.

Data-Acquainted Decision Making

Rather than letting data steer the ship all by itself, marketers should use it as a guide among their existing knowledge and consultants. Advancement in data analytics continue to provide intellectual insights that can shape and inform marketer’s decisions. It is helpful to understand customers and recognize the usefulness of digital marketing to the respective company. Data is infinite and hence this trend of data-acquainted decision maintaining its huge scope for shaping the marketing plan this year.

Mobile Evolution

Everyone is seeking for the mobility in 21st century and hence mobile is evolving rigorously. It must be not exceptional to get involved in the marketing area. Of course marketing goes mobile centric this year due to its flexible and massive use over the world. Marketing mainly focusing on the features of evolving mobiles such as- android applications, mini software supports and other integrations that can play important role in the marketing in today’s era. If you are thinking to attract and retain more customers in 2017 focus on mobile first and explore valuable content that can be shared across the globe via applications and mobile based advertisements. Evolution in mobile is the key trend to watch out through 2017 for betterment of marketing plans and other business prospect.

Cross Channel Integration

Cross channel marketing is the evergreen trend since the television has been got introduced to the world. But now its not stuck with limitation of single device such as television, it is getting merged with various display devices and cross channel integration is having the massive response all over the world where, without visual interpretation no audience you can fetch towards your brand so it’s trendy and necessary way nowadays for marketing.

Video Affection

Live video streamings are the new and most famous way to market your product and service online with targeted audiences. Video affection is the best prediction and improving day by day with appearance so that people can take advantage of it for their wellness and businesses. 60% of consumers would rather watch content in the form of video rather to read, so it’s best way to focus on where you can make your brand awareness and plan the best of marketing strategy for your business.


Fixing up the budget for marketing without planning it properly can never make you profit. So follow this prediction while setting up your plan for marketing this year. Liked this article? Do not think twice to share!

Originally published at mavrickhost.com on May 25, 2017.

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