A Thought on How Much We Care About What Others Think of Us

At some point, when I was a kid, I did not really care much what others thought about me. And that was, I think, a healthy behaviour. With time however, I kept hearing people, like for instance my parents, talking about how they’d be affected by what other people say about me. And that triggered over-analysing from my part. For a while I cared too much what others thought. Especially in business environments — I did not want people to judge me based on stereotypes— eg. “aha, she plays piano and likes the arts, she must be a dreamer and not too realistic about outcomes” — when I am actually pretty results oriented when it comes to work.

When I changed my last job, I also had this in mind. I thought, not working in a customer facing environment and in a place with some creative and strategy jobs, where the dress code is just “be decent” (nothing very strict), would be a great relief from my previous work environment. Although I am definitely not the extrovert type and definitely don’t “wash my laundry in public” the way a local saying goes … I now sometimes feel, like I let people know too many details about myself and at some point, it may turn against me… So with that in mind, I am keeping it shorter today.

Here is the song for today’s mood:

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