I’m Ready — Whether You Love Me or Leave Me

I am ready to let new people into my life with positive anticipation. I’m ready to strengthen the friendships with people that always have been good to me, those who have always supported me and my decisions, and those who haven’t judged me for being who I am. I am ready let go of those people who don’t fall into one of those categories. I deserve to surround myself with people who accept me. And I deserve to say goodbye to the people that don’t see value in who I am and what I’m doing.

When you like me, I like myself

For years I would try to convince others — especially those who cannot identify with my way of life — to accept who I am. To accept me even with my weaknesses, my past mistakes, my look, my tastes, my values, my beliefs, and my everything. I wanted to be liked. I wanted them to see that I’m likable, and to some even lovable. I wanted those friends or distant family members to stop judging me and cease being disrespectful towards me. Looking back on it, I realize my self-worth was almost dependent on them liking me, and it was affected by how they viewed and thought about me.

I’m lovable no matter what you think

Now, after having taken the route of self-acceptance and self-love, I have realized that I don’t need that anymore. I don’t need their approval. I don’t need their understanding. I don’t need them to prove to me that I’m lovable. The time of deriving my self-worth through others’ perspectives of me is over. Because I learned to love myself. Because now I know, 100%, that I don’t need to be different to who I really am. That being myself, just as I am, is awesome. That I am worthy. All those people who don’t agree with that — well, it is not worth my time and energy just to fight for their blessing. I don’t need it.

True Friendships

For the first time in my life, I recognize the value of people who just take me as I am. I have only recently become aware that there are differences between the people who like me just because I’m me, and those who I had to work hard just to make them like me. But now I can see it, which is why I want to spend more time with the people who truly want to be in my life. I want to give my attention to those who are happy to receive it, and who deserve it. As I write this, I’m riding in a train to visit two of my friends. These ladies who I went to high school with loved me in spite of my bad grades in school. These ladies, 7 years later, still accept me as I am and support me on my way to self-actualization.

Letting go of those who don’t serve me well also means reducing the number of people I call my “friends”. But, in contrast to the past, I no longer care about how many friends I have. What counts for me today is that I can be myself with the people I surround myself with. And I have that.

As I let people go, I open my arms to let more of these kinds of people come into my life. More positivity. More love.

Originally published on http://www.coachingwithmartina.com