To Have

To have something you shouldn’t have it first.

I mean you don’t own something or someone unless you have it.What is require us to have something? Our needs? Our cultures, society? What is the most urgent needs of the human being?I guess it’s a need to be alive, What is not enough then?

-Living life!

-Why is not sufficient?

-Because it’s ending!

-So everything that ends is not enough? Who told you that? Why do we decide that everything that ends is not enough?

-Death! The fear of death, the fear of unknown!

-Is that why not knowing is a bad thing? Is there a direct link between death and not knowing?So what you are saying is that everything that is related to death is scary, harmful and painful?

-I have a bad news for you; everything links to death! Directly or indirectly, doesn’t matter!

But without it life is meaningless! The sense of time is just not going to work. We want to have something, someone always! To own them! To achieve them! So we can fight against the biggest loose! Losing ourself.

This paradox has the most important role in our life. When we buy something, we are purchasing a small scale of ourself; I read something like that somewhere, but I think now I get what they mean.

Buying things is our reaction to the death; is to prove that we can have it, unlike death.

We feel good when we have someone close to us because now we have me and someone else, but at the same time, we need more control and more energy to fight against the death or loose! Why? Because we have more to loose.

I can’t give you any solution; there is no solution. But I am more interested in why we think everything that ends is equal to pain? Where is that idea come from? Who was the first one that came up with this idea? First human being? Is this coming from our new brain? Why any other being on the planet does not have such a fantasy? Why every other species living his full potential life but only human being needs to create one for himself?

Death is meaningless unless we fight against having things. That means to cut all of our desires and must have things.

-But can we get ride of our desire to live?

-That one thing!

-How about to create a balance?

-Why being a “Being” is not enough for you ?

-Damn it! Now, I don’t know!

Well, I think being a “Being” is not enough because there are more out there. Shiny, beautiful, sugary, addictive things. All we were known! All we created; All we have!