Gangtok Part 1: The 22 hour trek to the capital of Sikkim

A row of white people on a bench in the middle of a Kolkata train station will draw a lot of stares; we felt like some sort of museum display with all the gawking passersby
Making friends and drawing crowds
Our cozy but comfortable sleeper car compartment for our 12 hour ride
(Photo by Megan)
Rice paddy fields and monsoon rains
After arriving on the train the next morning, we then embarked on our “3.5” hour car ride to Gangtok. The drive turned into 6 hours due to delays caused by landslides.
The landslide aftermath
The views weren’t too bad
A perfect snack for a pit stop: roasted “maze” or corn on the cob (photo by Megan)
We had a welcoming committee to greet us
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