The Art of starting something new.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” — Lao Tzu

Every new start is difficult. To beginn a new business, a new job, or even a new hobby, there is always this barrier we have to overcome.

I know this. I started a lot of things. Most of them failed, a few went well. It was hard, every single time, and I don’t know really why, but I have my theories.

Maybe its what some call homeostasis, our bodies tendency to keep us where we are, hormonally. Or it is our ego, protecting us from getting hurt?

I don’t really know. Thats the problem with scientific evidence, it changes from time to time. What remains is the phenomenon, the fact that starting is hard. Because it changes who we are, right now.

This is the first blogpost, I wrote in english, EVER. In school, I was bad in languages in general. But I always loved to read. I even wrote a Blog for some time (in german). I like writing, but it was never easy. Not in my native language, so how could I dare writing in english?

So I never tried. Never using it to share my thoughts. The reason for this, was always fear. The fear of opening my self up and the fear of embarrassment.

But like always in life, if there is a fear, there is growth. So the fear must be faced. And thats simple, but not easy.

We stand in our own way and lack the skills to fight our own emotions. So we face fear and resistance without useful weapons.

My goal in this article is to give you the tactics that worked for me, overcoming resistance and fear, at least in the field of starting new projects.

Don’t try.

I learned for my self, that the less I try doing things, the more I end up doing them. Discipline is important to accomplish great things. But often the idea of needing discipline itself, is the problem.

We build those huge expectations. And if we fail those expectations, we feel bad about our self. So we stop doing the thing we set out to do.

On the other side, if we don’t try to do things, stop building up pressure in our self. We start doing things for the joy of doing or to avoid boredom. Not to prove how disciplined we are. So like as a child, time flies by and action becomes nearly effortless. Even work we don’t like doing starts to flow, because we stopped to build this internal barrier.

Start small, and do just one thing.

My goal was to never finish this article. My goal was to just write the first sentence. And then the next sentence and then the next. Motivation follows action, and not vice versa. The Art ist to find the first small step, one that feels effortless. And then doing the next.

I don’t have goals or plans, but I still start somewhat with an end in mind. I want to be a useful blogger and I want to spent my time learning and writing about interesting stuff.

But thats nor really goal. The action is what counts, so I learn every day and try to put one sentence on a page. From there I go on and adjust accordingly.

So the Art of staring things is not starting. Do not make it a polarizing decision. Ease yourself into it. Start as small as possible. Just do one little thing and then do the next.

Starting should not be a jump from black to white, but a journey through all the shades of gray. You don’t try, so you don’t fail.

Best wishes and thanks for reading.


Ps: English is not my first language. So there is a decent change I messed stuff up, grammatically. So if you noticed a mistake, please comment or write me an email. I want to improve, so I need to know whats wrong, and how a can make it right.