[ poem by Maximilian G. Wolf ]

Photo by Mickael Gresset on Unsplash

— — — — — —

Torn away from the breast of primordial

again, I closed the circle inside the circle.

A fading swing through tenderness

is cut by the reason stone.


And again — life joy

is pushing me towards devil-burning eyes.

Involuntarily, the tide is climbing towards the full moon

while the train thieves the planet from her arms.


The misapprehension is revealed by deceived love.

Learn by the immortality of the lizards

that lunge through life.

Again the blue rose is detached

from the eternal youth spring

because of the deluded shadow

that sleepily stroked her petals.

— — -# — — -

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[ poem by Maximilian G. Wolf ]

Photo by Joseph Hersh on Unsplash

— — — — — —

On top of the bullet, I’m flying

through your secret dreams.

Then I jump to your heart

to conquer it completely.


In the dream, on a roses pillow,

I felt pain from the prick of a thorn.

Got a hand full of blood droplets.

Your skillful hand covered me

with a veil of light cobwebs made.

Then pushed me down to the nirvana waves.


On a snowy night through the snowflakes

a tear of happiness slips away.

Because of the dances

around the fire of dreams.

Introduced by your engrossing mane.

— — -# — — -

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