Breast Cancer Prevention Month: Green not Pink
Joel Kahn

I’m male and I had cancer. What’s to blame? From what I know, there were two main factors associated to it, which were not mentioned (at least one of them in detail / not enough) in the article:

  • Stress — well, we all have stress in our lives, quite often we can’t (or it seems we can’t / is very difficult to / takes a lot of time to) reduce or even prevent that; and a consequence of that (often) is not enough “good” sleep (although stress and sleep are two things, IMO they’re very closely connected to another and one can and usually does influence the other, so let’s put them together); but, IMO more importantly:
  • Eating habits / food choices, in particular eating “old” food, not enough veggies (not just “greens” as in leafy greens aka salads, but in particular peas, carrots, beans, …) and too much fish and meat; also mostly pre-made (heavily processed) meals.

My main gripe with the article and with my lack of understanding of my food choices in the past go however beyond “processed” meats and red meats — in other words, as stated in the article “Limit or eliminate consumption of red meats to less than pound a week (such as beef, pork, and lamb)…”; I disagree to that statement.

It should instead be stated that for actual prevention and even in some cases reversal of (breast) cancer, a whole-foods plant-based life-long diet AKA lifestyle is the only way to go; that means, no dairy (cow, goat, … animal) milk, no dairy products including dairy cheese, no processed oils and no to very limited cooking with and overall consumption of unprocessed (cold-pressed) oils (specifically avocado oil) and no meats whatsoever (red, white, dark, …) and enough caloric intake as required based on estimations via calculations (meaning: salads are great, but those alone don’t cut it, starch and unprocessed sugars / naturally low on the glycemic index — such as coconut sugar, agave and maple syrup — are very important, to achieve caloric intake)!

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