What the f@$k!

Seriously what the f@$k!

Swearing in the modern world is a complicated thing. There are so many different types of swear word/taboo words and phrases across the globe it could file several dictionaries. I can bet you good money that no man in the world will or has lived life without saying one swear/taboo word or phrase.

There are several complicated swear words in today’s society, that can mean several different things depending on the context. Such as the word “Kurva” which is a polish swear word. This word can be used as several very negative expressions such as bit3#h, sl#@t, fuc#$k@er. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kurva. However, most swear words are very simple and used as quick and harsh sounds without actually conveying any emotion. As the linguist Geoffrey Nunberg has remarked, “[s]wear words don’t describe your feelings; they manifest them”. https://aeon.co/essays/where-does-swearing-get-its-power-and-how-should-we-use-it.

Making swear words little or no more than basic screams to try and show your emotion not describe it.

So why do we swear? Why does our society include such a detrimental vocabulary. Well the only answer that I could give is that is a very useful tool. As bad and hurtful it may seem it is a tool used by almost everyone in the world. There are three reasons as to why I swear. Firstly I swear for comedic effect if I am telling a hillarious story to my friends I could use swear words to exaggerate it and make it seem more interesting. Secondly for short bursts or rage or anger, such as if I stub my toe against a door or my car wheel pops. The third reason is a but more of a delicate subject since the third reason to use swear words is to insult or hurt someone. Personally I have come to realise that the more you use swear words as a daily part of your vocabulary the more power/impact they lose. According to research if you use swearing “all the time and you habituate; the words lose their oomph”http://time.com/4602680/profanity-research-why-we-swear/

Have you ever really thought about phrase what the f#$k. This three word sentence can have so many different way to be used for different goals. It can also be interpreted or judge upon by others in completely different ways as well. Have you ever tried to use the sentence without the word f$#k. It ends up as being what the…I mean if the word f%#k did not exist and the only way for you to show a short burst of anger, sadness, confusion, or pain would be by screaming WHAT THE… In today’s society people would look at you like a crazy person simply because they would not know how you feel. Swear words simply

To conclude swearing is a detrimental part of society. It infects our children and everyone else and gives the impression of a low-education and being rude/mean to everyone you are around. On the other hand like everything else in the world with the right balance and if used responsibly swearing can be used to be a very fast and effective way of showing your emotions to a large audience.

Do you think swearing is an effective tool or is it to destructive to trust the rest of society with?

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