Lead Your Woman — Part 1

Become an embarrassment of riches for her

Since you will be developing into an unstoppable Force of Nature, you will begin to lead your woman as a natural consequence. Plant this seed in your mind because with the energy, drive and momentum that are building inside you, the natural order will take over and it will all fall into place.

No matter how modern and how successful your woman, both of you will benefit from your healthy and worthy leadership. She will indeed appreciate your burgeoning character because you will become more than she ever planned for. You will be developing yourself so relentlessly and to such a high level that she will soon become very aware of her unexpected good fortune. Your character, ambition and accomplishments will become an embarrassment of riches for her.

In my experience you will eventually catch your woman looking at and thinking about you as you tend to your reading or other matters. Glances and smiles will linger a little longer than you are used to. There will be mystery, surprise and excitement in her eyes. She will try to hide it, but you will see it. And of course there will be other interesting developments as well. Yes, the natural order will return to where it should be regarding these matters.

This will not be a strong arm or forced new dynamic in your relationship — no, nothing crass or contrived, but an evolution to where she is happy and proud that you have become the tip of the spear. You will rise to a level that surprises even you and bring her along for the ride. Both of you will thrive and there will be a new energy that binds you together.

So let’s prepare ourselves gentlemen and consider what is needed to smooth your new enhanced and unstoppable leadership along the way.

Create Order and Symmetry

We live in a modern world with many new manner of thinking regarding social constructs and traditional relationships. Many of these new ideas do have validity to those who pursue them; after all, to each his own. Bringing government and the force of law into these matters is a whole other discussion, but basically this author’s view is to live and let live.

In my experience, however, in a traditional male-female relationship both parties will tire as the years roll on. They will tire of each other and of life. But since you are reading and internalizing everything that is written here at BFN, you will not get tired. In fact, you will begin to feel and perform at a level you have never experienced before.

Your ambition, energy and accomplishments will begin to amaze even your woman. Eventually it will become plainly obvious to both of you that she won’t be able to keep up. You’re going to be going too fast and too hard for her to even fathom. As you will experience, a man with a killer Life Mission and must have One Thing is a human being that is driven like very few.

As time passes and you continue relentlessly on, she will appreciate and begin to admire your growing life energy. It will become a new part of your relationship and she will soon realize her good fortune to be a part of it. And it is at this point sometime in the future when things will all fall into place between the both of you.

What you will have then is a very rare and close, pair bonded relationship; one where you have assumed the lead and she is more than happy to let you have it. Your woman can be as independent as she wants in her life, but when the two of you are together there will be a healthy order and symmetry. There will be no more friction and you will both complement each other like never before.

Be patient, but be confident for at some point this new interpersonal order and symmetry will have your relationship at the healthiest it has ever been. You will know it and so will she. And from there you are good to go for the long term.

Develop a plan and reap the benefits

Have a Plan

She doesn’t need to know everything, but she does need to see that you have a plan. A man with a Life Vision for himself and his family is a man of high value. Like rushing water as compared to a stagnant pond, a man with direction is teeming with life. He is full oxygen and brimming with energy.

Now this is a man worth following and who is worthy of leadership. He is charismatic and driven. And for a woman this is an exciting development. Even if you are just getting started on your way to becoming your very best, you will soon leave your old self way behind. She will take note of this and will appreciate it.

Forge ahead no matter what. Once you know where you want to go keep at it and maintain your confidence and pace. After all, life is also about the journey. This is what drives us out of bed each morning with ambition and fortitude. Enjoy and embrace the process. Make it part of who you are and it will become natural and rewarding in itself. Don’t worry about how far you have to go just keep pressing ahead.

Decide what part of your plan you’d like to share with your woman. Write it down and then post it somewhere appropriate. Don’t make any grand announcement, just put it up there. Have the courage to do this, regardless of your woman’s past or current attitude. What matters is that you know where you are headed. As you continue on she will eventually begin to believe in you. And in the long run she will develop an admiration for your purity of spirit.

Having a plan and a driving personal ambition will add structure and excitement to your life together. This will be both comforting and exhilarating for your woman. You will not ask for or demand the lead in your relationship, you will assume it through planning and action. And then one day you will look back and wonder why the hell it took you so long.

Be Credible

All your effort, all your plans and all your accomplishments with be for nothing if you are not credible. Being credible in all that you say and all that you do will be the foundation for your leadership. Women can smell a man who is not legitimate a mile away. So don’t fool yourself and don’t try to fool her because you could poison the well forever.

This is a principle you can never compromise on. Especially if you put some time behind you at your new Trajectory and then fall back into old habits. All that she will learn from your backsliding is that you can never truly be trusted. And a man who cannot be trusted is a man not worthy of the best from his woman. She will know it and so will you. Make sure to clean up your act before taking the reins because if you raise her hopes and then disappoint, you may never recover.

If you say you are going to do something then do it. Better to keep your mouth shut about something potentially great than to speak it, get started and then let it die on the vine. My advice here is to take action and let your production speak for itself. What a woman really wants from her man is to see meaningful results. All the talk in the world is worth nothing until she can see something of value. So do yourself a favor and take action before speaking about it. Once you have some tangible accomplishments and she begins to query you then fell free to let her in on part of your plans; part but not all.

And make sure to add the proper measure virtue into your life. Start doing all the right things — the types of things that will keep you congruent with the Creator. It is a healthier way to live in the long run and your woman will be certain to take note as you improve your standards of your own volition. She will notice it and she will appreciate it.

While you are at it, make it easier on yourself and walk away from your shallow distractions. You know what they are. At some point a man needs to get serious about his character and remove those things from his life that are holding him back. Even those things that are alluring when no one else is around. Don’t try to fool your woman and don’t fool yourself. Character matters the most when no one else is looking. Make yourself proud.

Stand tall each and every day without fail

Develop Irrational Self-Confidence

Find a pivot point in your life. Whether it’s transforming yourself physically through diet and exercise, finding your One Thing or crafting your Life Mission — find something to use as a pivot and then begin to develop and carry yourself with irrational self-confidence.

As you start to bend the arc of your Trajectory and accumulate some momentum make sure to always project confidence and positivity to your woman. Never let her see any doubt or let down in your attitude and posture. And never, ever complain to her about anything again.

If you want to lead your woman there will be a price that needs to be paid. It is part of the natural order and there is no discount. Payment will be required in full. You must bear ALL the responsibility for your new role. There is no on again, off again. Or I’m tired or feeling down today so I will take it easy and lean on my woman for support.

No Sir, you will stand tall each and every day without fail and become the tip of the spear. You will be there for her. You will be the solid oak for her to lean on. If there is something bothering you or giving you difficulty you will not burden your female partner. You will handle it with tenacity and verve on your own or reach out to a trusted brother for help.

You are on the march to achieving personal greatness so start acting the part. Fake it until you make it if you must. Tell your brain what it needs to hear and with consistent action you will make it real. No matter the setbacks, obstacles or delays maintain your frame of irrational self-confidence.

This new posture of yours, continuing day after day, week after week and month after month will confuse your woman at first. Good! You will notice her giving you that funny look or shaking her head in disbelief as you go about your day full speed ahead. Expect it. When these things happen, press down even harder on the gas and it will confuse her even more — even better.

You are changing the dynamic in your relationship. You are pursing your Mission and you are confident and relentless. It will become very healthy for your woman to see you behaving as such. She will be confused, but also start to take a new interest. Nature and evolutionary development will begin to kick in as when you first met and this will be good.

Become irrationally self-confident from now on and no matter what. It is a powerful way to live and will allow you to lead your woman as a matter of natural course.

Assume the Lead

So do what’s right by the Creator and for your family. Develop and assume a healthy and dignified leadership in the relationship with your woman through integrity, confidence and vision.

Put your Life Mission first and make it an exciting adventure for both of you. She will love you for it and you will justify your days in this broken world by becoming your very best.

All the best,

Max Panzer

Max Panzer is the publisher of Becoming a Force of Nature. He is an independent business owner and has been married to the same woman for over 25 years. Max pursues his Life Mission at full throttle and works to cut through each day with a stronger, sharper, gleaming edge.

This article was originally published on Becoming a Force of Nature.