To Be A Force Of Nature — Part 1

Reap Your Proper Destiny

It’s there in the dead of the night when all is quiet and you can’t sleep. Or whenever you are alone with the noise of the modern world turned off; when things get really quiet and there are no distractions. You tighten up in your gut and clench your fists because it’s so damn frustrating. You can feel it can’t you, the untapped potential buried deep within? There is a superior version of you that just can’t seem to manifest itself. There is a whole other level you are capable of; a level that would be a transformational jaw dropper and then probably another level after that.

But then this is why you are here. Why, as brothers, we are discussing and internalizing how to become the very best we can be. We are not talking about becoming famous, or super rich or any other superficial high status driven outcome. The end game is to cut through the fog of life and develop ourselves to the fullest. To become the best we can be. It is simply the right thing to do.

It is right because the miracle of life should be repaid through living at the highest level possible. Doing so will benefit ourselves, those closest to us and the Creator as well. In my opinion, there is nothing better a man can do on this earth than cultivate the entirety of his potential. A man in deliberate pursuit of his Ultimate Self will become a positive force in the world. Imagine if every man did so. If every man simply focused on himself and became twice the man he is now. The compounding effect would be incredible. This world would be a much better place for all.

So each of us here at BFN will do our part. We will unshackle ourselves from the past and begin the full throttle pursuit of our very best — we will each become a Force of Nature. But what exactly is a man who is a Force of Nature? What qualities does he possess? Is this something that every man can do?

Yes I do believe this is something every man can do. If you have the desire to better yourself it is proof positive the potential is within. It is simply the way we have been put together. The desire would not be there if the underlying potential was not. Think about it at the simplest level. It is possible to become a better man each day, if a deliberate effort is made to do so. Who is going to stop you? As a sentient being living in the modern world your biggest obstacle is yourself. Reading and internalizing the content here at BFN along with taking appropriate action will remove this stubborn obstacle.

So let’s define what it is to be a Force of Nature. Let’s create a clear picture of what qualities you will ultimately possess. And then with this goal in mind, let’s get to work and justify our lives in this broken world and each of us reap the proper destiny of achieving personal greatness.

Live Life on Your Own Terms

Ultimately the goal is to specifically design and then live your life on your own terms. What more could a man ask for? By definition this is living at the highest level. You’ve created a righteous Life Mission to guide you and a spine tingling Life Vision to pursue. A man living as such has to be a Force of Nature because he is becoming the very best he can be. Sure you can keep raising the bar and there can always be more to learn and more to achieve. But to deliberately define how you want to live your life and then walk out the door every day and do so is a fantastic accomplishment.

Very few men will live their life as such. And if it you are able to do so it will become plainly obvious you have set yourself apart. Eventually as you stand among others, you will begin to sense it. And so will other people as they stand in your presence. There will simply be an energy and a life force that radiates from you, setting you apart from the average man.

One day you will begin to experience this new essence of yours and it will be very gratifying. Not because of vanity, but simply as a clear reminder that you are indeed succeeding in your quest to become a superior man. You will begin to feel the momentum and the personal power it is creating within you. Finally you will begin to manifest your true inherent potential. This will be very satisfying and will imbue you with tremendous confidence and optimism.

It is at this point the possibility of an unforeseen whole other level above your current personal best will begin to open up for you — and then in the recesses of your mind, another whole level still. This is when all of a sudden you will begin to run out of hours in the day. You’ll begin to set your alarm clock earlier each morning and rise each day easily with optimism and vigor. There will be so much you want to do and so much learning to be had, it will become like a race against the clock. You might actually begin to worry about running out of lifetime before you can accomplish the things that now must be done.

Let me tell you gentlemen, when you reach this point you are indeed living as a man should. You are living on your own terms with confidence and a force of purpose; living life as a Force of Nature.

Live your life with a force of purpose

Rock Solid Character

Besides working every day to develop your God given potential, you will also need to excel below the surface and become a man of rock solid character. It will be the intrinsic qualities you pursue and improve upon which will drive your life to new heights. This is because a man’s character will ultimately be the limiting factor in his success. In other words, your development will rarely exceed the development of your character; at least not for very long. Success, money and power don’t make the man. They reveal him. Thus if your character is suspect, it won’t be long before you regress back to par or worse.

So change your mindset from the extrinsic to the intrinsic and do the right thing every day. Do what you know is right whether anyone else is around or not. This is especially true when no one else is around. A man’s true nature is revealed when no one else is looking. Make the decision to conduct yourself at the highest level at all times and never tarnish your character. Make yourself proud. Ultimately you should become your own best company and have rock solid confidence in your character as a man.

So what does it mean to be a man of rock solid character?

It means you are a man of your word. You are reliable and dependable. If you say you are going to do something it should mean it is as good as done. Barring two broken legs or a death in the family, you will take it to the wall if necessary to accomplish what was promised. This doesn’t mean you run around as a yes man dancing to everyone else’s tune. But it does mean that when you agree to do something, no matter how insignificant or how important, it will get done to the very best of your ability. If you are unwilling to commit to that level then you will have the courage to just say no. Better to disappoint than dishonor.

Yes indeed, courage and honor; two of the most important characteristics a man can have. However, one without the other just won’t cut it in the long run. Each one on its own can certainly provide a strong one dimensional front for the difficulties in life. But courage without honor or honor without courage will leave you vulnerable to an attack or breakdown from your flank so to speak. So combine both of these core traits and become thrice the man. Have the courage to act honorably when there might be a price to pay for doing do. And always make sure to conduct yourself with honor when boldly pressing ahead. In the long run the natural order of the Creator will favor you and you will harden your character as with heat treated metal.

And finally, a man of superior character is one who gets the job done. Live by the adage that anything worth doing is worth doing right. It is not always about what you do, but more importantly who you are and how you do it. Make everything you touch better for it. Do so and after a while it will become a way of life. You will find there is an intrinsic satisfaction from doing everything well. And all the little tasks and big projects completed as they should be with care and precision will give you pleasure and begin to add up over time. They will result in a reputation a cut above and you will boldly separate yourself from the masses.

Cash flow each and every month

Financial Independence

Plan and structure your financial affairs so that you will achieve financial independence. If you remain a slave to your wages or a slave to debt you will without a doubt limit your potential. This is no way for a man to live. Worrying over the long term about being able to pay your bills or about keeping your job is a feeble existence. And in no way can a man not in control of his money develop himself to his true potential. You do not have to be rich, but you do need to deliberately take control of your financial life.

The first step is to adjust your expenses so that you cash flow each and every month. In other words, make the lifestyle changes necessary so that you have cash left over at the end of each month to either pay off debt or invest. The idea, regardless of your financial situation is to improve your financial standing after every paycheck, even if that means just paying down debt. This is the foundation for everything you need to do and it will eventually solve all your money problems.

If you are living hand to mouth or incurring a negative cash flow (going further into debt each month) you’re going to have to make some hard decisions. As a single man these will not be so bad, but as a man with a woman and/or family some difficult conversations might need to be had. You will need to convince (or just tell) your woman that living beyond your means on the Hedonic Treadmill will ultimately take its toll; there will eventually be a price to pay in terms of peace of mind, independence and health.

And remember gentlemen, if the shit ever hits the fan she is going to look to you for a solution. You will bear the ultimate responsibility, as you should. So do yourself a favor and be proactive. Have the conversations you need to have and then take action. We are not fooling around here, to distinguish yourself from the masses you are going to have to takes some steps which most are unwilling to do. Take pride in that fact and teach your woman to do the same. Enjoy the ride together; it will be your secret little plan.

Converting to a lifestyle of minimalism is the smart way to go. You are going to need to demonstrate to her that peace of mind and gaining control over your affairs is more important than keeping up with the neighbors. That material accumulation and reckless consumption are an empty existence and will lead to a dead end. And that not having cash left over after every pay day is an irresponsible way to live.

Instead, consider living off of 50% of your household income or perhaps just one of your two salaries. Imagine the financial progress you will make. Put a 10 Year Plan for Financial Independence together and make a run for it. Make each workday that much more worthwhile. After a couple of years when you begin to see the financial gains you planned on, you will walk around at work a little taller. You will begin to live with a measure of outcome independence. And all the usual frustrations and worries will begin to dissipate and roll off your back with ease. You will be a slave to no man, no job and no bank.

Walk Around as a Force of Nature

Why settle? Get angry with yourself if you have to. Do not live as half the man you could be. Take your life to a higher level and then maybe one or two more above that.

Take deliberate action to design and then live your life on your own terms. Do not just go with the flow. Chart your own course. Make it a righteous one and one that will set your hair on fire.

Forge your character as well. Do everything right and harden yourself through challenge and accomplishment. Conduct yourself with honor and courage and always be a man of your word.

And finally, get tough with your financial affairs. If you are a working man or a couple, right size your expense overhead so that you will cash flow each month. Pay down your debt as fast as you can and then invest for the long term. Strive for financial independence.

Do these things and you will walk around each day as a Force of Nature.

All the best,

Max Panzer

Max Panzer is the publisher of Becoming a Force of Nature. He is an independent business owner and has been married to the same woman for over 25 years. Max pursues his Life Mission at full throttle and works to cut through each day with a stronger, sharper, gleaming edge.

This article was originally published on Becoming a Force of Nature.