Bret Victor Bookshelf Transcribed

Max Cherepitsa
Jan 8, 2016 · 19 min read

I love examining other people bookshelves. Photos of bookshelves are great too. Bret Victor published a photo of his books, taken by May-Li Khoe. One of the best i’ve ever seen. Who would doubt.

So i decided to dive in and transcribe that photo to the list of books. Almost 600 titles. From comics to history of math, from information design to history of numbers and notations, from physics to biology. Ah!

Be careful, this list could blow your 2016 reading list.

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Game Design


No Category


The New Medium

History of math

History of Numbers & Notation

History of science

Interface design

Industrial design

Visual Design

Visual Thinking


Embodied Thinking

1st Person Historical Math

Math (misc)

1st Person Historical Science

Information Design

The Mind

Concepts and Metaphors

Geometric Algebra

Groups and Symmetry


Geometric Constructions

History of Computers



Creativity and Ideas

  • Arthur Koestler. The Act of Creation
  • Howard E. Gardner and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Good Work
  • Julia Cameron. The Artist’s Way
  • Steven Johnson. Where Good Ideas Come From
  • Lewis Hyde. The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World
  • Scott Belsky. Making Ideas Happen
  • Lewis Hyde. Common as Air

Scientific Creativity

Philosophy of Science

Probability and AI

Systems & Modeling

Programming Languages

Music Theory



Technology + Culture

Signal Processing

Information Theory


Numerical Analysis




Cultural History

Circuit Design

Architecture & OSes



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