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“Intersection (An Anime Girl Story)” from the Cherish Desire — Very Dirty Stories — Free Erotica Series

Sometimes the key to understanding a character is in the name. The difference between Tom and Ronin, for example, focuses on whether Tom is well-balanced or, when embracing his Ronin alter ego, at war and in survival mode. With Anime Girl’s story arc very much set within the Tom-Ronin universe…

Cherish Desire — Passionately Unhinged

Two and a half million words published, two largescale universes built around a real world and a supernatural one, and I still have over a hundred drafts in my WIP folder as well as plenty of chapter ones for novellas which will need another 50+ thousand words to finish the…

Max D

The guy who whispers dirty secrets to your ears. Erotica author & publisher. Max is always watching except when he chooses to look the other way.

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