Why I won’t run another startup
Arthur Attwell

“founders are the product of someone else’s show”

Some certainly are, but many of them are not. Sounds like the author decided he wasn’t willing to take the risk anymore. Which is fine as a personal decisions. But as a society we all benefit enormously from innovations what we should encourage the system, even if many fall on their sword in the process.

As individuals and as a collective, we learn more from mistakes than from successes. In a capitalist system, you need a replenishable supply of entrepreneurs willing to take risks. For every failed business idea, our knowledge base expands. For that, we should honor them.

Nassim Taleb argues if modern society is to progress, says we must honour the “ruined” risk-takers with as much respect as we do soldiers — “perhaps not with as much honor, but using the same logic.”

As Taleb explains, just as “there is no such thing as a failed soldier, dead or alive (unless he acted in a cowardly manner), likewise there is no such thing as a failed entrepreneur or failed scientific researcher.” Their sacrifice makes the system stronger.

finally, there are others ways to do it than VC

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