Invest Smart with PECULIUM


PECULIUM is the premier savings management platform which is being benefitted through the Blockchain technology. It has brought in revolutionary changes to savings management platform by introducing the immutable Smart-Contracts through Ethereum Blockchain. It should be noted that these smart contracts facilitate decentralized, infallible, and transparent contractual agreement with better mutual trust.

PECULIUM is few steps ahead of the traditional saving schemes. Along with the help of Blockchain technology and AIΞVE, PECULIUM sets flexible savings management solutions benefiting brokers, individuals, and companies that are being operated under the crypto-asset platform.

Smart solutions for smart investors

It should be noted that PECULIUM offers a range crypto-asset based products for the use of individuals and corporations. The authority on asset management varies from product to product. It offers products ranging from fully autonomous products to highly customizable products which are ideal for the use of brokers, professional traders, and large corporations. PECULIUM management schemes run a real-time system to manage and monitor the crypto assets. It should be noted that PECULIUM makes use of highly effective risk management mechanisms to mitigate the risk involved with growing portfolios. PECULIUM runs the world’s first automated crypto-asset supervisor AIΞVE and the management consultant program. These systems have been designed to offer the most profitable strategies for the betterment of the investors. Transparency is a key factor that PECULIUM looks upon. PECULIUM runs in a stable position while ensuring great flexibility, reliability, and transparency in the context of crypto-asset management.

As stated previously PECULIUM offers a range of products to their valued customers.


SOLIDUS is an end to end scheme which has specifically been designed for institutions and businesses. It should be noted that SOLIDUS is being offered at various intervals which are in the form of weeks, months, quarters, and semi-annual. SOLIDUS is an integration of all the basic algorithms including stability, security, serenity, and balance. Apart from key indicators, ratings, and technical details, all other benefits that are implied on the PECULIUM platform have been integrated into this scheme. The self-governing power of AIΞVE is a key benefit attached to the SOLIDUS scheme.

First Solidus Contract- This is a SOLIDUS scheme which has specifically been designed for the use of ICO investors. This particular contract provides privilege for ICO investors to experience all the special features provided by SOLIDUS contracts and they could also claim free consulting from AIEVE’s investment. These investors get to enjoy these premium benefits forever, as long as they confirm their participation in the scheme. It should be noted that the benefit packages have been restricted to25% of the investment value. The mechanism is quite simple. If the investor makes an investment, 50% of the profits will be shared in as ETH payments at the end of each contract period and the rest 50% will be pumped into the contract. If the investor decides not to reinvest within the scheme, both the investment and profits will be repaid to them through Ether payments.


ALTERUS is an end to end scheme which has specifically been designed for the use of mega-scale businesses and financial institutions. This provides better control for the investor over the parameters on saving management. It should be noted that this scheme allows financial institutions to appoint their preferred brokers in the process of delegating the management activities. ALTERUS combined with SOLIDUS sets a great spectrum while promoting autonomy and flexibility over the savings management schemes. The product package for ALTERUS is quite a great deal. The product packages include ALTERUS B delegation for management with and without AIΞVE, the classic management system without AIΞVE, and ALTERUS C+ autonomous management added with the support of AIΞVE.


This is the grassroots kind of solution offered by PECULIUM. It should be noted that this scheme has specifically been designed for the use of both individual and group investors’. SINGULUS covers a wide array of features including security, stability, and risk management. The developers have provided the investors with the option of modifying the scheme based on a subscription system to add more features. The investor could decide upon the degree of flexibility. SINGULUS allows investors to use brokers and partners for the act of financial management.