Nousplatform — Global Platform for Investment Funds

These days we are seeing integrations of crypotocurrency, new financial markets and many changes in regulation that have come in place. As a result there are many demands for technology that can help and be simple for investors who want to use a system that is trustworthy and transparent. Technology has evolved to whole new levels therefore there is much more openness to advanced technology and the introducing block chain technology.

Investors will have the ability to make sales and exchanges of assets and instruments they hold and put them in use. Investment opportunities can be really user friendly and provide low commission, furthermore they usually don’t need minimum amounts of assets to take part and fill in extensive amounts of paperwork. The availability of tokens is open to anyone who is issuing a company and therefore paying a commission fee that a decent rate.

The development of this essentially forms a need for new investments funds that can be used to manage crypto assets and portfolios involved in crypto currency. As the years go on, the industry becomes much more regulated and there will be advantages for investors to seek new opportunities in this field.

The future of crypto assets is eventually going is unfold into a completely new type of investing much like stocks that are indexed as crypto assets and the tokens will be used to balance the overall process.

There are many obstacles being faced by investors and traders who choose to invest funds in the conditions of the market currently. Nous protocol however is able to create a smooth platform for all forms of investment funds that can be managed in block chain assets and funds will be filled with complete technology tools that are required to manage the portfolios and accounts. The Nous tokens can be used in any transaction for sale of funds.

For fund managers they will receive a entire set of tools that can be used on their computer to manage funds incoming and interacting with other investors that they need to work with. The primary aspects of sales are monitored via the smart contracts through an open source that in turn forms total transparency and ultimately makes the fund much more trustworthy and valuable to investors.

Whenever a new fund has been formed the smart contract to put into place and then put on the block chain. The platform ensures that all specific terms, conditions and features are included about the fund. Generally the two forms of parameters are the content and variable which can be changed or amended. Moreover the parameters of the investment build a timeframe which is progressed to an assignment of the manager or publisher of the contract by changing the certain parameters of the fund, generally with a private key. The process of this provides fairness for essentially both parties involved and protects the investors from any problems with the fund managers.


On the Nous platform an investor can invest within any fund they choose at any time they want by making a sale of equity shares provided by Nous Tokens from the platform. The tokens are available to purchase the central hub of crypto exchanges that can make the transaction. The standard token includes all the benefits tied with Ethereum being using a singular wallet for the ERC20 tokens — and if the investor requires to liquidate some of the shares from the equity then they will be entitled to receive back the nous tokens provided at the rate of at the time of the sale.

The investor has the option to select various funds at once with numerous portfolios at any risk — they will be able to decide whether to take part in the fund based on the research that has come through on the statistics that are recorded on the block chain that will provide a trustworthy report of the data gathered. The platform generates various snapshots of the portfolio with each fund attached and the date of the period and logs. The data is available for review at any time to view and look back at in the future, as well as the smart contract source code.

The investor is also able to go through the activity of any fund they wish at any time and can analyse the data they have access to. The fund data can be viewed via the snapshots and will be able to see the fund details and profitability. Furthermore it will discover the acquisition of assets and other amendments that have been made to the file, the index, tokens and other important details that can be viewed.

There are various tools available to view and use to analyse data and see the various funds based on the data from the platform — they are also available for other users who may need to look at it. The primary benefits are for investors who need a simple and easy to use platform that can reserve the information for them as soon as they need it and have the correct data.

Nous platform aims to create merchant that will provide the availability for investors to pay for their assets and services using just their equity shares provided that the assets are understand good management and part of the same entity. By following this protocol the lead to developing relationships between the seller and buyer will grow and the economy will slowly gear towards using a token based platform.

The nous platform allows users to create charity funds that can be used for an organisation based on a block chain. The activity can be monitored of the charity and information can be viewed widely for users to see what assistance is being provided and the amount of money spent of expenses for the organisations. There is also a family trust fund that is popular form of funding for asset holders who assign a trustee — this is for private funds and also public ones that can have the option of open voting to release assets.


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