Nousplatform — Your Way To A Safe Investment In Cryptocurrency

Since 2010, a new financial market was created by the emergence of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offering (ICO). Recently, the new financial market has grown exponentially and has the traditional markets, central banks and tech gurus very excited.

The addition of blockchain technology over the last few years has made the cryptocurrency market more appealing to traditional investment firms and financial institutions. Previously, these firms and institutions were skeptical and mass adoption of cryptocurrency is still being prevented by traditional methods of banking and investing.

However, this hesitancy to adopt is fast changing thanks to blockchain technology. Even the President of the World Bank supports the technology as a way of addressing the inequality in the financial markets. This technology will allow central banks and institutions to open the banking for the over 2 billion people that do not have access to banking accounts.

The Nousplatform and protocol is a global platform for investors and decentralized investments. It is not aimed at the man on the street, but more for generating and managing crypto asset funds built on blockchain technology. Nousplatform, in conjunction with blockchain technology, addresses the concerns and demands of investment firms for trust, transparency and a simple technology for traders and investors alike.

At this stage the Nousplatform supports five types of funds, namely:

⦁ Open Ended Investment Fund

⦁ Close Ended Investment Fund

⦁ Venture Capital Fund

⦁ Charitable Fund

⦁ Family Trust Fund

Advantages for investors

Investors can buy equity shares using Nous Tokens. These utility tokens are available at crypto exchanges. The token is backed by Ethereum and has all the advantages that come with that association. Ethereum is on the of the leaders in the cryptocurrency space and is backed by blockchain technology.

An investor can diversify the risk by investing in several funds. The various fund’s statistics will be captured on the blockchain to facilitate the investor’s decision to participate. With the help of the Nousprotocol, snippets of information regarding the investment portfolio will be available for a specific period of time directly on the blockchain. This means the statistics and open source code is transparent for everyone to view.

The transparency extends to an investor’s ability to analyze the activity of any fund. The statistical data will reflect the profitability of the fund at any time the investor needs the information. It will reflect any amendment made to the portfolio, as well as the number of token in reserve of the fund.

Investors can analyze and evaluate funds using statistical data provided by the Nousplatform. The generated reports will be available for everyone to view.

The Nousplatform successfully addresses all concerns expressed by investors and bankers about security and transparency issues in dealing with cryptocurrencies. Due to blockchain technology, investing, trading and banking with cryptocurrencies have become secure, transparent and compliant with various financial industry regulations. The ultimate benefit for investors is that the Nousplatform and protocol allow them simply and transparently. They are able to diversify their portfolios which allows them to minimise risk.


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