Draymond Green’s Unhealthy Obsession

Draymond Green is obsessed with balls, he loves kicking them, slapping them and then pretending it was all an accident. Who knows where or when the obsession started but it is clear now that it is a big problem for him because he can’t keep his hands and feet off of them. This unhealthy, and dare I say odd, obsession has now gotten him suspended from game 5 for slapping LeBron’s balls in game 4 during an altercation.

During the game he seemingly got away with the ball slap because no one other then LeBron seemed to notice. Based on his history though it was odd to see LeBron get as worked up as he did during the scuffle, and now that Green’s ball slapping antics have come to light it is easy to see why.

Let’s be honest Draymond should have been suspended for kicking Steven Adams’ balls during the Western Conference Finals and wasn’t so the NBA had to do it this time. His unhealthy obsession with male genitals has now cost his team a great deal because without his influence the Cavs just got a huge boost in what likely was going to be the closeout game for the Warriors. Many have applauded his antics because they say he brings intensity to his team and is their emotional leader, but now it is a detriment in the biggest series on the biggest stage.

There are a lot of reasons I want to like Draymond; he plays hard every play, is a big man who is a really good passer, keeps the same intensity on both sides of the ball and he worked really hard to turn himself into a great player when many doubted him. All those attributes I love, but wow is he annoying and that keeps from liking him so often even though I am a big fan of his style of basketball. He is always in everyone’s face and taking cheap shots and he celebrates literally every little thing like he just hit a game winning shot. I wrote about this specific issue I had with him early on this season, he even celebrates when someone fouls him, which is far from an accomplishment. For some this may be the reason they like him, but for me personally it’s the reason I am usually yelling at the TV when the Warriors are on and I’m guessing I am not alone in that.

For the sake of him and the people around him who love him most I truly hope he uses this time off to get help with this truly bizarre addiction to balls he has developed. If you are a grown man that cannot get through 48 minutes of basketball without hitting another player in the nuts you really do need help, but the sad thing is that I doubt there are true expert in helping people with this addiction. Good thing he’s rich because it will probably take a lot of money to try and find a doctor that treats something so very weird and specific. Draymond please seek help with your addiction to balls so your team does not have to play any more games shorthanded.