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Hi, Alexandra Prokhorova

Thanks for sharing.
The Matrioska [the Russian toy] comes as a physical metaphor to how values, purpose, and strategies are embedded in each other, and how a fundamental choice is amplified by its further consequences.

I totally agree with your concern of one imposing her/his values/ideas over another. As I also see it, it’s not a good thing.

What I propose here are mainly two reflections.
First: Everyone should be intentional about their own values, purpose, and strategies. As I mentioned, “We need to pay attention at our own values, purposes, and strategies. […] Design the future by designing yourself.” It is easy to be confused and/or manipulated in a world so full of information, opinions and so on.
Second: We should not despair when facing messages/ideas/values that carry separation/hate/illusion. Transformation is an everyone’s job and I believe in our potential to do great stuff.

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