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In times like these, it’s hard to imagine what the future of travel will look like. Air travel may never be the same. Travel by train? Who knows. Even public transit may take on a different shape with the workforce moving towards remote positions and further away from big cities.

While it’s hard to know what travel will look like, or when it will return, one thing is for sure: people will continue to get outdoors. As more cities, parks, and places of gathering open up , the outdoors become the most viable, healthy alternative to traveling anywhere else.

Luckily the easiest way to escape and get outdoors is in an RV, and that’s what where we come in. …

Some fundamentals for getting started

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1. Don’t immediately focus on social media and marketing*

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The financial industry is one that is ripe for change. With the rise of companies like Square, Acorns, and Stripe (to name a few) it’s clear that we’re experiencing an industry-wide shift towards well-designed, human-centered products. At Earnest, we’re approaching the outdated credit system the same way, and this is only the beginning of our journey.

Working on the design team at Earnest may be different from what you’re used to. We’re largely a data-driven financial tech company, so we work with sensitive information (financial, education, employment, etc.) daily. We also work under a few core principles, which help us better understand our design process, the work we produce, and why we do it. This means that we are constantly iterating to design not only an optimal user experience, but also one that our clients love from Day 1. …

When I first started this new adventure about a year ago, I was ecstatic about what was to come. The first few questions I asked myself were:

Would I finally make my first million? Would I be able to afford a Tesla? Will I be able to finally afford moving to San Francisco? Will I become internet famous?

A few weeks went by and reality started to settle in:

Are we building a business that will scale? Are we making the right moves? How can we gain more traction? Where did all my hair go?

All I wanted was to build a company that I could call my own, one that everyone wanted to work for. I started thinking of everything I loved about hugely successful startups and their…


Max Gustofson

Director of Design @Outdoorsy – Previously Lyft, Earnest, Designlab, Apple, etc. Always happy to chat.

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