This is the final recommendation in my mini-series on Blindspots. You can read the first few recommendations here:
- The Hazards of Confidence — about cognitive bias
- Our Lying Eyes about the problems with eyewitness testimony,
- Confident idiots — about the Dunning Kruger Effect and
- Your Brain is primed to reach false conclusions. The link on that article was off — you can use this.


Why you think you’re right — even if you’re wrong
Julia Galef TedTalk (11 minutes to watch)

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This short talk explores the phenomenon of “motivated reasoning’, the unconscious tendency of individuals to fit their processing of information to conclusions that suit some end or goal.

This tendency exists in all of us. It is also known as confirmation bias. Once we have formed a view, we embrace information that confirms that view while ignoring, or rejecting, information that casts doubt on it. …

The Incredible Importance of Wearing Masks

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Reality Check:

Two weeks ago was the last time I wrote. Globally there were 661,394 confirmed coronavirus cases and 30,671 deaths. Today there are 1,850,345 cases and 114,053 deaths.

Two weeks ago in the U.S., there were 122,273 confirmed cases and 2,047 deaths. Today there are 558,897 cases and 21,991 deaths.

I’m writing this edition as an essay, rather than my typical newsletter format.

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Reality Check:

One week ago globally there were 156,653 coronavirus cases and 5,833 deaths. Today there are 300,227 cases and 12,948 deaths — a total mortality rate of 4.3%. In the last week, global case numbers increased by 192% and the death numbers increased by 222%.

One week ago in the U.S., there were 2,943 cases and 57 deaths. Today there are 24,137 cases and 288 deaths. In the last week, the U.S. case numbers increased by 820% and the death numbers increased by 500%.

I take pride in the Weekend Reader covering a breadth of topics, from sports to politics to technology, parenting, health, etc. But like many of you, though I’m still reading from a wide variety of sources, I’m reading very narrowly about this disease and its impact on our health, our economy and our society. …

Dear friends,

Last week I wrote a note to our investors explaining our perspective on how our company, Saturn Five, is positioned in this market environment. I thought you might be interested.

Despite the market gyrations, it is an exciting time for us: 1) We delivered distributions to investors last month; 2) Our venture Icon was just named one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company; 3) We have three new businesses, each positioned to deliver cash-on-cash returns in the 20–25% range each year; and 4) Our newest fund is about to be oversubscribed. …

And Help the Poor While You’re At It

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I’m going to teach you a secret that could save you thousands of dollars on your taxes.

This secret is a strategy that is only two years old. Most people haven’t heard about it. Even fewer know how to take advantage of it.

Many billionaires and hedge fund managers are making this secret a major focus of their investments this year. After reading these articles and my summary, you’ll know enough to do what they are doing.

What I’m going to teach you is totally legal. It’s just a little complex. I’m here to break it down for you.

I’ll warn you that this is long and there is some math involved, but I know you can handle it and there is a potentially big payoff for muscling through it. You can decide how much deeper you want to dive with the articles, but here’s what they…

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This is a different kind of Weekend Reader. YOU became the curators when I asked for your favorite single podcast episodes. I couldn’t include every suggestion, but here are the top twelve. Each of these is worth a listen. Some are funny. Some are tear-jerking. They are all exceptional. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Load up your playlists and enjoy.

Listen widely. Listen wisely.


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Recommended Shows and Episodes

1. Kohn — by Andy Mills

Andy Mills (8 minutes)

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SUMMARY from Tim:

My favorite single podcast episode is a piece produced by Andy Mills called Kohn.” It is an amazing story and the narrative itself is uniquely linked to the audible component of the production. I don’t think the story would be nearly as good in writing or even in film. The episode is also special because it was written by a job hopping Denverite (who many knew for years as their favorite Cafe Europa barista), and eventually led him to Radiolab, and then on to co-creating The Daily at the NYT. …

What do we do when we can’t trust our eyes?

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The Viral Nancy Pelosi Slurred Speech Video

The line between what is real and what is fake is getting blurry. For all the talk about “Fake News,” the last two years, it is easier than ever for misinformation to spread across social media and the web.

On this Memorial Day weekend, some readings and reflection on DeepFakes and the uncertain future of “reality.”


  1. Faked Pelosi videos, slowed to make her appear drunk, spread across social media — Washington Post
  2. Fake video makes Nancy Pelosi look drunk. Facebook won’t take it down. -Vox
  3. Bill Hader’s Al Pacino impression with the help of deepfakes — Fast…

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Let’s get something out of the way.

I love Doritos and ice cream.

I’ve long known that I eat too much of both of them. So you can imagine how my spirits fell when I read the articles this week, about how sugar and processed foods lead to obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

I’m not ready to go cold turkey, but this info is going to change the way I think about my diet, and hopefully, it will actually lead me to change my diet as well.

This Weekend Reader is nutrition, and why sugar is so bad for you.

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Happy 2019 everyone and welcome back!

Most colleges have application deadlines in January. So I thought I’d start the new year with an edition for all the exhausted parents and nervous kids: Does it matter where you go to college?


  • Does It Matter Where You Go to College? -The Atlantic
  • It’s Time to Tell Your Kids It Doesn’t Matter Where They Go To College — Time
  • What Straight-A Students Get Wrong — Adam Grant, NY Times
  • The Inescapable Weight of My $100,000 Student Debt — The Guardian
  • The Future of College Looks Like the Future of Retail — The…

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Last week The Atlantic ran a bombshell cover story: “Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?” They listed a lot of reasons, but the most arresting one was the widespread and increasing trend of substituting pornography in place of sex.

Porn is slowly becoming an inescapable part of daily life for millions of people, and increasingly for teens and children. A recent survey found that 50% of teens age 12–17 come across porn at least once a month. For adults age 18–24, that number is over 70%.

What if you wanted to protect your kids and yourself from being one of those statistics? The options aren’t all that good. …


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