30 Rules for the Hillsong Global Preaching & Teaching Team
Brian C. Houston

I think Pastor Brian gave context of a positive message as not putting people down for one’s own cause. However, being the most positive person that ever walked, even in his final moments, Jesus turns to a dying sinner and delivers the most positive message imaginable.

There seems to be as many people who feel strongly opinionated against Hillsong as there are for it. We are all different and have varying expectations regarding what we think a church should be. I believe there is only one church. You are either a believer or a non-believer. The body of the church has many branches and denominations, each with its own focus, style and culture, yet all united in the one cause. Therefore, the entirety of the church can meet all people from all parts of the world, from all walks of life, and to service their needs in uniqueness. Even Paul himself said he was all things to all people (Cor 9:19–23).

I believe Hillsong uses technology as a means to reach out and connect with people and minister to those who are looking for relevance of the church in the present age, as opposed to those who are more familiar and comfortable with richer tradition and structure. They seem to meet the needs of those who are weary of a world full of negativity by uplifting them in music and positive teaching. My views may not be accurate but this is how it appears to me. I am a Catholic and I see a stark contrast. I think the world needs a mixture of different groups that balance each other as part of God’s plan. After all, no one is perfect or has a direct line with God and no one denomination is going to be perfect as a result. There isn’t necessarily a wrong or right but it isn’t too difficult to imagine how traditional worshippers will see a modern church as an incursion.

We are all on the same team. In the end, following Jesus and obeying his instruction to love one another is what matters most.

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