Wire’s end-to-end encrypted bot API is coming

I look forward to seeing more Bots on Wire, and I’m curious how distribution and access to bots will be gone about. Will there be a bot shop, like Telegram, or will there be a dedicated section of the application itself to browse bots? I’ve noticed rating inflations on Telegram with, ironically enough, the use of bots, and I’m intrigued to know how the Wire teams intends to combat this.

I hope this venture is well thought-out and successful, and proves to be fruitful in attracting more users, more investment, and more diversity to Wire. Although the notifications are somewhat unreliable, Wire is my top choice for all means of digital communication with my friends, colleagues, and family due to it’s straightforward privacy policy, end-to-end encryption, multi device sync, and platform availability, not to mention it’s numerous bells and whistles. The basic features (video and voice calling) have greatly increased in their robusticity, and far surpass all current mediums of digital, internet enabled communication. I wish the Wire team the best of luck, and the earnest sentiments of a job well done.