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Spiros Christakopoulos

Hey there Spiros, thanks for your comment. You made a great point and I am really sorry if this article was not clear enough on it. Let me try to clarify this for you.

We know that the metrics in this article are too low and not significant. That’s the reason why we tried to say so at the end of the article. Obviously I could have done a better job on that! For some context, we’ve tested the idea described in this article on many different campaigns and in each cases we increased the CTR quite significantly, which is a great point I believe. We’re also actually testing this idea on a bigger audience. More on that soon :)

Also the point of this article was just to show that with a system that include retargeting Pixels in URL, especially in content you never wrote, you could increase your Facebook ads CTR. So of course you don’t have to use PixelMe to do so. You have many options out there.

Let me know if there’s anything I can clarify for you. So sorry again if you found this article confusing.


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