What If… (Monday Morning Motivation)

I told you money wasn’t an object, would you live your life differently? Would you still sit miserably in a bleak office setting watching the seconds go by as your boss micro-manages you? Would you accept any job that is willing to hire you just to pay the bills, even if the job is far from amazing? Would you spend your days worrying about things and people who don’t worry about you in return?

Or will you choose to live?

To thrive on this beautiful green Earth. To explore the planet and all of it’s majesty. Will you befriend your neighbors and ditch the hatred you have towards those who hurt you? Will you follow your passions and pursue your dreams? Whether they are art, teaching, motivating, performing, creating. What if I told you these things are all possible… That there is no need to unlock these doors because the floodgates are constantly open. A revolving door of chances and opportunity.

Go follow your dreams and live nothing less than an extraordinary life. What if I said that you can accomplish anything your beautiful mind could think, would you believe me? Go and find out.

Love Yours,

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