Government is supposed to be boring.

Back before the Real Whitehouse of DC became the most addictive thing on TV, the only way they could get people to pay attention to the inner workings of Government was to have a cartoon piece of paper sing about it on the steps of Capital Hill.

Now it’s become a National obsession. It’s taken over our airwaves, our news feeds and our social feeds with endless updates, opinions, and self-important musing such as the one you’re reading now.

On the plus side, we’re all getting a fantastic course in civics. I know more about how to fight an Executive Order than I do a late fee. I doubt the average person even knew who the Assistant Press Secretary or Attorney General were in any other administration. And I’m pretty sure they weren’t Halloween costumes.

I kind of miss those days when press conferences were mainly viewed by the press and the four people who watched C-SPAN. When Page 6 was discernable from Page 1. Before cable news became one long panel discussion. Do you even remember what CNN covered before the election?

I miss the days when Government, for the most part did its thing while we did ours. Because we trusted they could.

I for one, think it would be nice to go back to a time when Government was methodic, diligent, and utterly boring.

In the meantime, did you guys hear what the fucking Mooch said?