David Erasmus

Dave, it is always good to read, see or hear your enthusiasm and positivity about creating an even better future. I agree to every single point, except for one: our times are the most peaceful and prosperous that have ever been recorded in known human history. The “system” is not broken as it simply never worked in a sustainable way in the first place. The appearing global empire, it’s economichas and informational interconnectivity brought many advantages, but we are painfully learning about the huge disadvantages and disasters it bears every day. To me that’s an important difference as there is nothing to go against but only better ways to be proposed, as you wrote yourself. Collectively things have never been better for large parts of humanity… but still a huge percentage of peope remain locked out, without even talking about our planet we are destroying. Previous generations went as far as they could and thought it was right, we need to use what we have to go further.