No You Can’t : Why I’m Still Crying Over Hillary Clinton’s Loss.
Eirene Donohue

Hey Eirene, I appreciate your sentiment here. I’m glad women of all kinds are feeling this kind of rage and determination, it’s going to be what is required to dig us out of the pit white supremacy and alt-right bullshit has dug us into.

But Trump’s election was really, really bad for trans girls too. And a lot of us do have dicks, which made your highlighted metaphor a confusing and hurtful thing to have to read.

`The misogyny that pulses through this world, the blood that keeps the dick of American patriarchy hard, it penetrates us from the day we are born.`

I’d appreciate it if other women could stop associating my body parts with the Axis of Evil. Body parts were responsible for neither Hillary Clinton’s defeat nor the global subjugation of women.

We can defeat “No You Can’t” together, acknowledging our differences and converging on the ways in which we are all held down.