I get it.
White Noise
Son of Baldwin

Do you though? Not everything is a goddamned race war. Sometimes people need to sleep, and sometimes those people have bad interpersonal skills. Their biggest crime was leaving a mean-spirited note rather than just knocking on the door and politely asking them to tone it down. While the original note is snotty and passive-aggressive, I think the response letter is much more aggressive and antagonistic and the reading of the neighbor’s oppression/racism is a streeeeeetch.

Yelling and stomping around at 2am in a shared apartment building is rude. You’re free to not care about your neighbors and do it anyway, because this is America. But that doesn’t make you a “revolutionary”, fighting some kind of radical struggle to take back the nighttime from the uptight White People — it just makes you a bit of a jerk.

Yes, black people in America have battled racial oppression at every turn, and still do. But obsessively searching for racial conflict in every little social interaction is not helping anyone — not only does it lose sight of the real, tangible social justice struggles that are important (those 821 people killed by police, for example), but all the unnecessary bile and antagonism drives people away from being allies. America has a lot of healing to do, but immediately firing off accusations of racism at anyone that has a grievance with you is not the way to do it.

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