New Bar in [Town]

There’s a great new bar in the neighborhood.

Who else is excited for the new cocktail bar?

I’m talking about the one opening up in [historical building] in [up-and-coming neighborhood]. If you haven't heard the buzz on [local news site] or [social media place], it’s time to crawl out from under that rock, because it sounds like it’s going to be [hyperbole].

It’s a new venture by [notable local restaurateur], the owner of [famous upscale bar], [spin-off of famous upscale bar], and [spin-off of the spin-off] — so you know it’s going to be good. The bar will feature inventive cocktails with a local twist, including hand-made [ingredient] from [local boutique food business]. There will also be a limited food menu of “small bites”, including such delights as [unexpected meat] sliders and Sriracha [something].

Prices are reasonable — most drinks will run you from $[outrageous number] to $[5 more than that].

The new bar is taking over the space that used to house [charming yet now-defunct local business]. [Said business] was a much-loved fixture in [neighborhood] for decades, providing [charming yet outdated product] to the local community. The owner, [beloved immigrant with heartwarming success story] who inherited the business from his father, shuttered the store last year, explaining that [the charming product was too old-fashioned to sell to mainstream consumers, yet not old-fashioned enough to sell to hipsters] meant that the store could no longer be economically viable.

The building’s previous tenant is gone but not forgotten — there are plenty of cheeky references to [charming relic business] in the decor and cocktail names. They have a drink called The [the street it’s on], and another one named after [famous person in local lore]. They also reportedly serve a [neighborhood name], which is like a Manhattan, but with [unnecessary twist] instead of [what it should be]. Intriguing.

The space is beautifully done, with reclaimed wood siding and antique light fixtures taken from [defunct local factory].

The interior design was done by [Trendy Interior Design Firm], the same folks that designed [the other new cocktail bars up and down the block from this one]. They spared no expense including all sorts of interesting touches, from the [unexpected material] tabletops to the [old-timey objects] adorning the exposed-brick walls.

Anyhow, this place shows a lot of promise, and it just may become the next neighborhood [ironic outdated expression for a bar]. It will certainly be a great setting for [moneyed twenty-somethings] to [idly stand around and flirt with each other].

The bar is called [Something] & [Something Else]. I'll see ya there!