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Calling It What It Is: the Unspoken Validation of Online Abuse
K. C. Alexander

Social media is not connection, it’s distraction.

Idly scrolling through screen after screen of your friends and random celebrities’ disinterested 140-character zingers is not “being connected”. It’s noise. It’s radio static. It’s a fun little diversion because we want to be entertained and feel social, but we don’t want to think. We all want the seductive pleasure of having tons of followers, racking up the “likes”, and feeling “important” — but you’re not genuinely important to your hundreds/thousands of followers, just another blip scrolling by on the screen, and it’s gone.

You want connection? Talk to somebody. Direct message. Pick up the phone. Meet face to face. That’s connection.

There is a huge difference between communicating with someone, and communicating at your “followers”. The former is genuine human interaction that has an impact, and the latter is disposable entertainment, forgotten as soon as it leaves the screen.