Why Volunteer?

Why volunteer, when the world is so weird?

Boats tend to veer, when nobody steers.

Some bathe in money, the rest bathe in tears.

What can we do when we’re all in arrears?

It’s easy to kick back and sip on a beer.

It’s easy to shut down and close off our ears.

It’s easy to cry out—delivering jeers.

It’s easy, pretending there’s no problem here.

I don’t have the answer—

But, keep asking questions.

Don’t know where to look—

So, I ask for suggestions.

I keep reading books—

Call that mental digestion.

Someday I’ll write one—

Well, that’s my intention.

The souls of our country are serving suspensions

The ole’ 1% has made clear their ascension.

The news, every day, serves to boil the tension.

Got nowhere to go without an intervention.