Max consultant : Client interview prepration

Being called for client interview is huge thing these days. No one want to screw up there interview .First and foremost thing is knowing whether it is technical or functional interview. Often vendor tell about it whether it is technical or functional. Even he tell about the next process that who will take the interview next. After knowing type of interview it is mandatory to know the requirement of the interview. If it is technical then you will have to brush up your technical knowledge as expert’s of Max Consultant says. You will have to be able to tie in the technical and functional scenarios to the client’s need. If you have less experience, then you will have to work on creating a business scenario. Think in terms of Business and tie in your technical skills to that scenario.

‘Max’imum benefit you can get if you have better idea about the business of company as many H1B visa sponsors in Hyderabad are suggesting about it. Visit the corporate site of the company. It will give you chance to ask questions and ask more about them in the interview. If you know anyone working in that company, then talk to them about what the company culture is like and how are the interviews. It does not happen very often, but there are instances where the client asks what is your working style or what are your strengths and weaknesses, etc. You be prepared for these kind of questions. I will write about these in the next article. But the point is, prepare well on soft skills too.

Know your resume by heart. You should know where stuff is and what it means. You should not stutter anytime when a question is asked about previous companies, clients and what you did there. You should know the meaning of every single technical sentence you wrote in resume. If you have less experience, you can get a mock interview from some seniors or mentors asking them to focus on the requirement, it gives you an idea where you stand and what to prepare.

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